WILLOW GROVE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The EF Precision Group, a leading contract manufacturer, announced today that it has received patent number USD649,246 from the United States Patent Office for the assembly of an orthopaedic mallet currently being used by hospitals and orthopaedic clinics in the treatment of bone and joint care. The patent covers the assembly of the medical device, which is designed to better withstand impact during orthopaedic procedures.

Top-ranked hospitals such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and affiliated orthopaedic practices have already ordered units of EF Precisions medical device to replace inventories of traditional mallets that were breaking upon impact, posing the threat of potential injuries to physicians and operating room staff.

"We got a call from an internationally renowned teaching hospital requesting our engineering opinion on what appeared to be defective orthopaedic mallets that were breaking in the operating room," says Bud Tyler, vice president of The EF Precision Group. "With our background in aerospace and medical device manufacturing, we were able to quickly recognize the weakness of the existing devices and engineer a superior product that would maintain its integrity under demanding conditions. They wanted a solution almost overnight; from design to assembly, we delivered the product in less than 60 days."

Weighing two pounds, EF Precisions orthopaedic mallet is made with a stainless steel head and aluminum handle, replacing a set screw design used in other mallets. EF Precisions patented design uses a different way to assemble the head and handle together, eliminating the shock and vibration that could lead to mallet head breakage. After presenting several prototypes and having excellent results, hospitals and affiliated private practice groups expressed interest in the redesigned device.

The companys quick work and customer satisfaction has lead to orders and interest from some of the most respected and highest volume orthopaedic practices in Philadelphia. The company expects sales to increase as word spreads of the effectiveness of the device in the treatment of bone and joint disorder and injuries. "Given the early response we have received from physicians and hospital purchasing departments, we believe our orthopaedic mallet will gain traction as more surgeons become familiar with the products performance," said Tyler.

For more information or to order The EF Precision Groups orthopaedic mallet, please contact Bud Tyler at 215-449-3173 or

About The E F Precision Group - The E F Precision Group is a leading contract manufacturer, providing complex quality components, assemblies and designs to the defense, aerospace and medical products industries. ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified by the Registrar Det Norske Veritas and registered as an FDA Contract Manufacturer, compliant to ISO 13485. The E F Precision Group has two specialized, autonomous but interacting companies which serve customers individually or together to meet requirements for high-tech custom mechanical components and electro-mechanical assemblies, as well as engineering services ranging from simple projects to complete turnkey custom machine builds.

Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT