KYIV, Ukraine /PRNewswire/ -- The Rinat Akhmetov (Development of Ukraine) Foundation took bold strides in 2011 to advance patient care by acquiring a comprehensive range of cancer management technology to equip the radiotherapy department at Rivne Regional Oncologic Dispensary in Ukraine. The Foundation chose Elekta to supply a comprehensive radiotherapy treatment solution, which includes an advanced digital treatment system, oncology information system and treatment planning systems.

"The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation needed to address a critical shortage of modern cancer treatment technology in eight provinces in Western Ukraine," says Tetyana, Shcheglovskaya M.D., Head of the Radiotherapy Department at Rivne Regional Oncologic Dispensary. "For the Rivne center, it considered a combination of factors, including technical sophistication, price and company reputation among several tenders, ultimately selecting Elekta to provide this equipment."

With its significantly strengthened cancer management capacity, the 240-bed Rivne clinic will serve as a magnet for patient care in a wide region, encompassing the cities of Lutsk, Ternopl and Zhitomyr. In addition, Rivne Regional Oncologic Dispensary will serve patients in Chernobyl, approximately 175 miles to the east. Chernobyl is the site of the 1986 nuclear power plant accident.

In its first three months, Rivne Regional Oncologic Dispensary has increased its daily radiotherapy patient volume to more than 50 and has enjoyed some early clinical successes.

"The results have been very good," Dr. Shcheglovskaya reports. "For example, tumor shrinkage has been more than 90 percent in clinical cases involving tumor of the maxillary sinus. We have been able to treat a wide range of patient ages, including individuals with retinoblastoma."

She attributes part of this success to the smooth implementation of Rivne's Elekta technology.

"We were impressed by the quality of the clinical training for our staff and the problem-free process of the project launch, Dr. Shcheglovskaya says. "From a technology perspective, the big advantages have been the simplicity of the workflow and the reliability of the Elekta equipment. The high level of service also has made an impact on us. When we needed support, it was just a phone call away with rapid on-site help if needed."

For a city of about 250,000 inhabitants, Rivne Regional Oncologic Dispensary represents a major step forward, she adds.

"We hope to become one of the best radiotherapy centers in Ukraine in a few years, thanks to the help of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation," Dr. Shcheglovskaya says. "Our aim is to use everything we have received in the best way to help Ukrainian patients."

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Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT