THE WOODLANDS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- US Oncology Research, supported by McKesson Specialty Health, announced today that it has surpassed the 50,000 milestone for patients enrolled in its clinical trials program. One of the largest community-based research networks in the world, US Oncology Research specializes in Phase I–IV oncology clinical trials and has participated in over 1,200 investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated trials since its inception. The program brings innovative therapies and clinical trials to practices and patients in communities across the nation to help advance the science of cancer care while offering the best possible treatments to patients close to their homes.

Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P., chief scientific officer for both US Oncology Research and Scottsdale Healthcares Clinical Research Institute in Phoenix, AZ, agrees that 50,000 patients participating in clinical trials is an impressive number. He also believes the careful and innovative care that is given to each individual is even more impressive. According to Von Hoff, "It is an extraordinary accomplishment to bring these breakthrough therapies to over 50,000 patients and help bring 43 new drugs to patients fighting cancer everywhere – but its not just about the number. Its the care and hope that each patient receives that counts."

Patricia Noel, a 67-year old patient at New York Oncology Hematology in Troy, NY is one of the patients benefiting from a trial offered through US Oncology Research. Noel, who was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in 2008, has been enrolled for approximately 10 months in a Phase II study of a novel therapy in patients previously treated for MBC. She knew early in her battle of the disease that she would seek trial opportunities.

"My mother participated in a clinical trial, and my son is an AIDS researcher," Noel explains. "I began participating in a trial not as a last resort, but because I am in this fight not only for myself and my family, but to help researchers learn more about this disease and help others who will battle it in the future."

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, medical oncologist with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) and chair and medical director of the developmental therapeutics committee and co-chair of the genitourinary committee for US Oncology Research points out that patients from all walks of life participate in and benefit from ground breaking clinical trials offered by US Oncology Research. "We can now document that over 50,000 patients have been touched by these life changing trials," Vogelzang claims. "And that doesnt even count all the other patients and future patients touched by the knowledge weve gained."

"I learned early in my career that patients come first, everything else second," says Kevin Coker, vice president of US Oncology Research, McKesson Specialty Health. "The people who work with US Oncology Research have that same philosophy, which has led to great advancements in the way cancer is treated and more hope for patients and their families."

US Oncology Research is one of the strongest and most reputable community research networks in the world. Collectively, its patients, physicians, and research professionals have contributed greatly to advancing the science of cancer care and improved patient outcomes.

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Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT