Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and Exosome Diagnostics Collaborate to

Advance Clinical Studies of Exosome Biofluid Molecular Diagnostics

Technology in Brain Cancer

WASHINGTON and NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Accelerate Brain

Cancer Cure (ABC2) and Exosome Diagnostics are collaborating with

leading academic medical centers to accelerate clinical validation of

Exosome's blood and cerebrospinal fluid-based molecular diagnostics

technology in brain cancer.

The collaboration will explore the capabilities of Exosome RNA

biofluid-based diagnostic technology for early identification,

progression monitoring and disease risk stratification in glioma, the

most common form of brain cancer.

Brain cancer is the leading cause of death among children and young

adults under age 20. This year, more than 200,000 people in the United

States will be diagnosed with either a primary or metastatic brain

tumor. There are more than 120 different types of brain tumors,

making specific diagnosis and effective treatment extremely

complicated. In many cases, accessing brain tissue via biopsy carries

significant risk or is not surgically feasible. The ability to sample

a brain cancer's genetic characteristics through a blood or

cerebrospinal fluid sample could contribute greatly to driving

advances in clinical treatment and drug development.

This collaboration will bring together world-leading clinicians,

researchers and industry participants to develop the potential of

stable, high-quality disease-specific RNA harvested from exosomes

found in blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The joint effort will support

near-term, in-vitro diagnostic validation of known tumor and

immune-derived clinical biomarkers for brain cancer.

"We are impressed with the catalytic approach of Exosome Diagnostics

and our academic partners," said Max Wallace, chief executive officer

of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. "The ability to identify and track

specific pathway mutations over time could significantly improve brain

cancer patient care."

As early as 2007, Exosome Diagnostics' researchers from Massachusetts

General Hospital reported detecting key gene mutations in the blood of

brain cancer patients. Subsequent studies involving a multi-center

investigative effort led by Dr. Bob S. Carter, professor and chief of

neurosurgery at University of California, San Diego, and Drs. Fred

Hochberg and Xandra Breakefield of Massachusetts General Hospital,

have shown blood and cerebrospinal fluid exosome populations

containing virtually the entire disease-specific population of the

transcriptome can be accessed safely multiple times, from diagnosis

through tumor progression, without the need for a surgical procedure.

These studies were conducted as part of Exosome Diagnostics'

neuro-degenerative disease program examining biofluid-based exosomes

for tumor and immune response genetic abnormalities in brain cancer,

Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury patients.

"Accessing the stable RNA contained in blood and CSF exosomes gives us

a significant advantage when it comes to detecting and understanding

genetic changes inside the brain compartment caused by a tumor or

immune response without the need for surgical biopsy," added James

McCullough, chief executive officer of Exosome Diagnostics.

"Collaborating with ABC2 helps ensure we are asking the right

questions and structuring our clinical studies properly from the

beginning for this first critical disease target in our

neuro-degenerative disease program."

Dr. Bob Carter noted, "We are excited about the prospects of this

model for collaboration involving a leading foundation, academic

partners, and Exosome Diagnostics. By leveraging the strengths of

each arm of this triad, we will be able to more quickly bring tumor

specific genetic information into the hands of practicing clinicians."

In January, ABC2 and Exosome Diagnostics hosted the first in a series

of meetings with leading investigators to discuss the state of the

brain cancer field, the prospective near and long-term clinical

applications of exosome technology, performance requirements and

barriers to clinical validation. Participating in the New York City

meeting were senior principal investigators from leading academic

institutions including the University of California, San Diego,

Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial

Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins, Yale University, MD

Anderson Cancer Center, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital,

University of Miami, University of Florida and Dana-Farber Cancer


About ABC2 (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure) Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

invests in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a

cure. By applying an aggressive, venture funding approach, not

typically seen in the nonprofit sector, ABC2 closes current gaps in

funding to catalyze research and rapidly bring new therapies to

patients. With its proven business know-how, ABC2 makes connections

that break down the silos between industry, government and academic

research to fast-track drug development.

About Exosome Diagnostics Exosome Diagnostics is a leading developer

of biofluid based molecular diagnostic tests for use in personalized

medicine. Exosomes are shed into all biofluids, including blood,

urine, and CSF, forming a stable source of intact, disease-specific

nucleic acids. The Company's proprietary exosome technology makes use

of this natural stability to achieve high sensitivity for rare gene

transcripts and the expression of genes responsible for cancers and

other diseases. The Company is commercializing in-vitro diagnostic

tests for use in companion diagnostic applications and real-time

monitoring of disease. The Company maintains facilities in New York,

St. Paul, MN and Munich, Germany. For more information, please visit

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