AJRR Announces Launch of National Joint Replacement Registry Using

Remedy Informatics' Next-Generation Registry Software

ROSEMONT, Ill. and SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The

American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) has selected Remedy

Informatics, the leading provider of registries for Life Science, to

build a registry to collect data on all primary and revision total

joint replacement procedures in the United States. Representatives

from AJRR and Remedy Informatics will unveil the new registry at the

American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in

San Francisco, Feb. 7 - Feb. 11.


"We are excited to announce that the registry is going live," said

David Lewallen, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from Mayo Clinic who chairs

the AJRR board of directors. "We have a very aggressive timetable for

the registry and with the technology in place we are ready to begin

the process of gathering the information we need to improve joint

replacement outcomes."

Based on Remedy Informatics' MosaicT Platform, the AJRR registry will

efficiently gather data from participating hospitals and leading

orthopedic surgeons across the United Sates and enable AJRR to analyze

that data using powerful pattern recognition tools to further efforts

to optimize patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

AJRR recently completed a one-year pilot project collecting data on

joint replacement outcomes from nine participating hospitals, which

contributed data on more than 18,000 procedures. With successful

completion of this pilot registry, AJRR has proven the concept of a

centralized national hip and knee replacement registry and identified

key lessons learned.

"We are now ready to move on the next phase and expand the registry,"

said Lewallen. "Our goal is to recruit 90 percent of hospitals across

the United States to participate in the registry by the end of 2015."

One of the key challenges AJRR identified in the pilot was finding

registry technology that would enable efficient submission of data by

participating hospitals. "Finding the Remedy Informatics' registry

software was crucial to our ability to address the data collection

challenges we encountered during our pilot program," said Randolph

Meinzer, director of information technology for AJRR. "The software

enables automated submission of data from existing orthopedic

registries and interfacing with the electronic medical record and

other IT systems of our member hospitals. Low volume hospitals can

also enter data on a case-by-case basis using simple web-based forms.

We believe these capabilities will minimize the data entry burden for

participating hospitals and help accelerate our recruiting efforts."

Another key challenge identified by AJRR was the need to ensure that

the data, collected from numerous institutions across the country, is

semantically consistent and structured for complex queries and

analytics. "Ensuring consistent, quality data was essential to our

project and the Mosaic Platform's ontology made that possible. We look

forward to sharing the insights we gain on patterns in joint

replacement procedures by using the data visualization and query tools

available within the registry," said Lewallen.

"We have been very pleased with the Remedy Informatics implementation

process," said Meinzer. "The Level 1 data development cycle, from

requirements definition to an operational registry, was completed in a

matter of a few months. We are already working on Level II and Level

III data and I am convinced that we will see the goals of the AJRR

Project realized with greater success because we are building on such

a solid foundation."

The registry is now live and ready to capture Level I data, which

includes patient data (name, sex, date of birth, social security

number and ICD-9 code for diagnosis), surgeon data (name and number of

surgeries performed), procedure data (ICD-9 code for type of surgery,

date of surgery, patient age at surgery, laterality and implant), and

hospital name (name, address and number of surgeries performed).

Over time the registry will contain levels one through four of data,

representing a very complete and detailed picture of joint and hip

replacement surgeries in the United States.

"We are pleased to support the AJRR effort," said Gary Kennedy, CEO

and founder of Remedy Informatics. "We believe this is an extremely

important initiative and will vastly improve patient outcomes in hip

and joint replacements. I'm thrilled that our Mosaic Platform will

enable AJRR and its participating hospitals to make many significant


AJRR will have representatives from Remedy Informatics available at

this year's AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Feb. 7 - 11 to

answer questions and offer demonstrations of the new joint registry.

For information about AJRR or to learn more about participating in the

registry, please visit the AJRR website

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