BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLTI), the World's leading dental

laser manufacturer and distributor, and Cefla Dental Group, a leading

Italian dental equipment manufacturer, today announced that the

companies have entered a definitive three-year agreement making

BIOLASE a distributor of Cefla's NewTom Cone Beam 3D imaging products

in the U.S. and Canada. The NewTom products are well respected in the

medical and dental communities and considered among the highest

quality 3D dental imaging products in the world.

Under the terms of the agreement, BIOLASE will be the exclusive

distributor for dentists, dental schools and dental clinics, and

non-exclusive for certain other medical markets.

NewTom's Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography (CBCT) is a compact version of

standard CT imaging that uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to obtain a

multitude of radiographs that construct digital 3D models of

maxillofacial anatomies. Some of the advantages compared to

traditional CT scanners include less radiation, faster scan times and

a more comfortable patient experience.

The NewTom 3D imaging products are typically used in highly complex

dentistry cases by periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons where

more involved and higher accuracy images are needed. They are

increasingly being adopted by general practitioners for use in placing

implants. The current installed base of NewTom in North America and

worldwide is approximately 300 and 900 products, respectively.

The combination of the BIOLASE installed base of more than 19,000

lasers among 16,000 customers, brand recognition and marketing

expertise with the NewTom reputation for quality and performance was

the driving force for the agreement, said Sergio Ghezzi, global

managing director of Cefla Dental's NewTom imaging division.

"We have made a strong commitment to establish ourselves as a

substantial competitor in the North American 3D CBCT imaging market

and consider BIOLASE an ideal partner to accomplish that goal," Ghezzi

said. "Working closely with BIOLASE, we believe we can sustain growth

in our NewTom U.S. business unit while bringing the dental community

the highest quality 3D imaging products in the world."

Federico Pignatelli, BIOLASE Chairman and CEO, noted that the NewTom

products will nicely complement the state-of-the-art BIOLASE DaVinci

Imaging dental imaging devices and provide dental customers a wider

and more comprehensive choice of configurations, range of performance

and price points.

"The NewTom CBCT is widely known as the finest 3D imaging unit in the

world," Pignatelli said. "NewTom is a great brand and a great

technology with market-leading products which will nicely augment our

suite of highly respected, advanced imaging products and market

leading lines of diode and all-tissue lasers. We've named this

integration of lasers and imaging the Total Technology Solution with

the motto, 'See More-Do More.' The better the 3D imaging capabilities

of the dental professional, the earlier the diagnosis and the more

indications that can be identified and treated minimally invasively

with our Waterlase iPlus and iLase laser technologies, in many cases

without the use of anesthesia, in a very biologically friendly


"This partnership is a nice fit for both companies including select

other international markets and should also provide us with an

entryway into a new and expansive source of revenue from the

periodontic, endodontic and oral surgery markets," Pignatelli


The NewTom Cone Beam 3D imaging products will be featured in BIOLASE's

Booth (?1237) at the annual Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

being held February 23-25.

About Cefla Dental GroupThe company manufactured the world's first

CBCT scanner in 1997 and NewTom has since become the global leader in

maxillofacial and medical CBCT application technology. Located in

Verona, Italy, NewTom is part of Cefla s.c., a market leader in

production and marketing of a wide range of dental brands such as

treatment center and chair lines Anthos, Castellini, SternWeber and

Victor, as well as imaging brands NewTom and MyRay. For more

information, readers are encouraged to visit or call the company at


About BIOLASE Technology, Inc.BIOLASE Technology, Inc., the World's

leading Dental Laser Company, is a medical technology company that

develops, manufactures and markets dental lasers and also distributes

and markets dental imaging equipment, products that are focused on

technologies that advance the practice of dentistry and medicine. The

Company's laser products incorporate 284 patented and patent pending

technologies designed to provide clinically superior performance with

less pain and faster recovery times. Its imaging products provide

cutting-edge technology at competitive prices to deliver the best

results for dentists and patients. BIOLASE's principal products are

dental laser systems that perform a broad range of dental procedures,

including cosmetic and complex surgical applications, and a full line

of dental imaging equipment. Other products under development address

ophthalmology and other medical and consumer markets.

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