LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 21, 2012-- ICA ( announced today at HIMSS that it has launched a new solution suite based on the CareAlign(R) platform. The suite, or volume set, includes CareAlign CareExchange, CareConnect, CareCollaborate, CareMeasure and CareManage. Each volume provides a hospital, integrated delivery network (IDN), region or state the technology necessary to progressively exchange clinical information, increase care collaboration and manage healthcare risk across the continuum of care with the goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Gary Zegiestowsky, ICA chief executive officer, said, "Our CareAlign volumes set is a natural evolution of the CareAlign solution we have provided to the market for over five years. This new approach will allow providers to use health information exchange capabilities to meet near-term care coordination needs while building towards long-term patient-centered care solutions. Now, ICA will be able to provide its customers with the components of exchange they need in the short term, as well as a more global HIE solution that will help them connect, communicate, manage and successfully integrate with their currently installed legacy systems to provide better, more efficient care to a large patient population. This configuration now allows clients to select the tools that they need while also enabling them to grow with additional components over time. This approach aligns value realized with the cost incurred which is a critical driver to sustainability." "CareAlign's CareConnect product has enabled the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) to yield quick results that far exceeded our expectations," noted Laura McCrary, chief executive officer of KHIN. "Our original goal was to have 50 physicians using the system by the end of 2011 - we already have over 1,000 users communicating across the healthcare communities within Kansas. Ease of implementation, low cost and rapid deployment put us on the road to sustainability early in the process," she added.

The new CareAlign solution suite includes the following volumes: CareAlign CareExchange The CareAlign CareExchange platform combines two key interoperability frameworks in a single platform. The first framework is based on Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards. This capability aggregates patient information across standard and non-standard sources and allows EHRs and other clinical systems to request and securely receive available patient information in standard continuity of care document (CCD) format. The second framework includes NwHIN Direct and corresponding provider directory services. This framework allows providers and patients to securely share clinical information across a wide variety of systems. In CareExchange, these frameworks are designed to work together to solve a wide-variety of near-term and long-term interoperability challenges all from a single platform.

CareAlign CareConnect CareConnect allows providers to securely collaborate with other providers and patients in a clinically relevant, non-intrusive manner across a wide variety of care settings. This cost-effective volume can be implemented and adopted quickly providing a positive return on investment in a short timeframe. This comprehensive communication capability incorporates the NwHIN Direct protocol and allows providers to effectively coordinate care with all other constituents involved in a patient's care. Additionally, CareConnect also supports the inclusion of clinically relevant patient information needed to support the care coordination process including patient summaries, visit histories and discharge summaries. CareConnect is a proven, patient-centered communication solution enabling secure conversations essential for enhanced patient safety and better clinical outcomes.

CareAlign CareCollaborate CareCollaborate is a feature-rich and comprehensive solution supporting interoperability via both standards-based and non-standards-based information exchange. The exchanged data is used within multiple clinically relevant workflow tools to enhance the physician-patient experience at the point of care. It allows clinicians to access exchanged data directly through their EHR. Or, they can log into our clinical portal for real-time access to patient health information from any secure internet connection. Through the CareCollaborate portal, clinical tools and workflow functionalities are at the physician's fingertips, including a longitudinal patient record, consolidated lab and diagnostics views, radiology images, peer-to-peer secure clinical communications, patient panels, critical values alerts, flow sheets, and provider rounding lists - and all within an environment with comprehensive security and audit capabilities.

CareAlign CareMeasure CareMeasure provides a reporting and analytics framework fully integrated into the health information exchange platform that can consume information being shared across the network in real-time to support broad scale reporting and bio-surveillance initiatives. This framework is capable of combining CCD-based content with other traditional sources (HL7 and claims) to provide a truly robust information source. Additionally, this volume includes built-in meaningful use reports, ad-hoc query capabilities and clinical dashboards that provide users with tangible value right out of the box. Also, this framework is designed to work with third-party reporting and analytics tools so that providers, HIOs and other constituents can develop their own reporting and analytics capabilities.

CareAlign CareManage Finally, CareManage addresses the needs of risk-bearing entities.

Whether the healthcare organization is managing the risk of it own employee base, developing an ACO or participating in other bundled payment methodologies, this solution is essential to the care management process. This volume provides the tools necessary to identify patients, stratify patients and manage the care process across multiple providers and multiple organizations. A key aspect includes the ability to establish and manage a care plan tailored to a patient's needs and coordinated across all of the providers that are involved in that patient's care. This volume also includes a number of patient engagement capabilities designed to educate and involve the patient in the care process. Finally, these capabilities include a number of reporting capabilities that measure and track patient and provider performance to support clinical and financial objectives.

About ICA ICA was established to take innovative technology developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader healthcare market, and now delivers a comprehensive health information exchange (HIE) and care management solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities and states. This patient-centered modular approach offers immediate value and return-on-investment through the delivery of clinical information to the point-of-care improving quality while reducing costs. The solution suite, or volume set, includes CareAlign CareExchange, CareConnect, CareCollaborate, CareMeasure and CareManage. Each volume provides the technology necessary to progressively exchange clinical information, increase care collaboration and manage healthcare risk across the continuum of care with the goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Visit; follow us on Twitter: @icainformatics; and Facebook.