(Cary, NC) Sterilization Technology Group, Inc. (STG) announced today plans to develop products for the decontamination of isolators, such as sterility testing enclosures and enclosed filling lines for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. STG plans to manufacture both stand alone and integrated generator packages for this purpose along with supplying full validation services for its clients. STG has secured exclusive rights to use the proprietary and patented Noxilizer NO2 gas technology. STG is responsible for the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the decontamination generator.

Isolators and other related enclosures are an important part of any life science companys manufacturing, Quality Control and R&D processes. The sealed areas are used to produce and/or test products in a decontaminated "germ-free" environment. Examples of typical product containers include: prefilled syringes and vials. Sterilant generators were developed in the late 1980s to provide for a more effective and validatable decontamination process. Today, the majority of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies utilize technologies based on vaporizing hydrogen peroxide. The NO2 gas technology has been shown to dramatically reduce aeration time by as much as 85% when compared to the older vapor hydrogen peroxide technology while maintaining the necessary standards in the industry with regard to microbial kill and materials compatibility.

STG was founded by three (3) industry veterans who were instrumental in the initial launch of the original vaporized hydrogen peroxide generator.

"As 25-year veterans of this industry, we see real advantages the Noxilizer technology has over current process options. We believe customers will not only value the faster aeration times, but are currently looking for a process that is compatible with todays advanced protein based drugs and biological products", states Michael Ferguson, Business Director and a founder of STG. "With the industry experience of William (Bill) Little, Technical Director, and James Rickloff, Scientific Director, also founders, STG has the experience and knowledge to bring a ‘best in class product to market".

"This licensing agreement further validates Noxilizers technology and its importance in solving challenges of infection control and decontamination in the life science industry. The Noxilizer team is excited to work with STG as we grow our business in the important isolator market," says Lawrence Bruder, President & CEO of Noxilizer, Inc.

About Sterilization Technology Group, Inc. (STG)

STG was formed in 2006 to develop and market a superior method for decontamination of sealed enclosures for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. The founders of STG have over 70 years of combined experience in developing novel technologies and in the validation of processes for FDA compliance in this industry. STG is designing and developing products that will surpass all current technologies with regard to aeration and cycle times without sacrificing microbiological kill rates or materials compatibility. STG feels the industry is looking for the "next generation" product to replace existing technologies that have not changed in over 20 years. STG is located in Cary, North Carolina with manufacturing capabilities in Wisconsin.

About Noxilizer, Inc.

Noxilizer has developed a unique and superior NO2-based sterilization technology that will revolutionize two major sterilization markets - life science manufacturing and hospitals. In the life science market, Noxilizer provides sterilization services for next generation medical devices and drug/device combination products. Noxilizer also sells the RTS 360 NO2 Sterilization System to life science companies. In hospitals, Noxilizer is developing a system especially for the sensitive, high-tech equipment increasingly used in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. The company was founded in 2004 and is privately held. Noxilizer is located at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Technology Center in Baltimore, MD.