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The Medipattern Corporation ("Medipattern" or the "Company") (TSX

VENTURE:MKI), a pioneer in the development of medical imaging software

solutions that help medical practitioners to better understand lesions

and critical anatomy, announced today that the Company is the

exclusive distributor for SonoCine@'s Automated Whole Breast

Ultrasound System ("AWBUS") in Canada. AWBUS is used as an adjunct to

mammography for breast cancer screening. AWBUS automatically acquires

a sequence of ultrasound images which completely capture all of the

breast tissue as individually focused slices compared to mammography

which captures the breast in two compressed planes. SonoCine recently

received Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System

(CMDCAS) approval from Health Canada as a class II medical device and

is available for immediate sales in Canada. The first system will be

installed this week at Clinique Radiologique Audet in Quebec City. The

product is offered on a capital purchase or a fee-per-procedure basis.

AWBUS, when used as an adjunct to mammography, was shown to detect 100

percent more cancers as compared to mammography alone and is

particularly effective for women with dense breasts. Furthermore, in

that trial of over 4,400 women, radiologist reading ultrasound image

data from SonoCine found cancers that were 50 percent smaller on

average than the cancers found when reviewing mammography alone. In

addition, AWBUS has tripled the detection of cancers that are smaller

than 1 cm, which improves dramatically the prognosis of the patients.

The positive predictive value (PPV) for the biopsies resulting from

the AWBUS exams in this study was 38 percent(1) as compared to typical

positive predictive values for mammography alone of approximately 27

percent as reported by Halladay et al in 2010.(2)

"Automated whole breast ultrasound is a major breakthrough in breast

cancer screening. It allows me to review breast imaging without the

overlapping tissue intrinsic to mammography. Compression of anatomy

from various portions of the breast can distort or even hide emerging

cancers where AWBUS gives a slice by slice presentation of the breast

in a more natural appearance. It is particularly effective in finding

cancer in patients with dense breast tissue when used in conjunction

with mammography. Dense breast tissue is a key concern as it is

estimated that greater than 40 percent of the screening population

have focal dense or very dense breasts and past studies have shown

mammography to be least effective on dense breast tissue. AWBUS

reaches that portion of the population which is not well served by

screening with mammography alone," commented Nathalie Duchesne, MD, of

Head of Breast Imaging Division at Imagix Medical Network, Breast

Radiologist at Clinique Radiologique Audet and Director of The Breast

Practices. "The SonoCine System utilizes the ultrasound imaging

equipment that we already have in place at our practices. The early

cancer detection achievable with the SonoCine AWBUS examination is the

result of a number of important system characteristics. These include:

recording of the image data by a technologist for later review by a

radiologist, automating and computer controlling the screening of the

entire breast and lower axillary lymph nodes and maximizing lesion

visualization and detectability by presenting the recorded images in a

cine format, thus allowing cancers to be identified by the dynamic

disruption of normal tissue architecture between frames. I have had

the great pleasure of reviewing it in use in the United States where

it has been available since 2008. Recent approval of the system

combined with the convenient fee plan enabled our breast center to

immediately offer the procedure to our patients. Currently, automated

whole breast ultrasound screening is an optional procedure which the

patient may elect to have performed."

"Medipattern has been our collaborative software partner for many

years. Medipattern developed software for our image viewer and we

worked together on integrating B-CAD in our software," commented

SonoCine founder Kevin Kelly, MD. "They know our system well and can

provide superb product support as well as sales. Medipattern has a

commitment to excellence that we have admired and respected for years.

We are pleased to be bringing the product to the Canadian market

through Medipattern."

"Medipattern was initially established to tackle identifying fast

moving breast cancer at an earlier stage. Medipattern developed one of

the earliest whole breast systems back in 2001, well before its time

for market acceptance. For us, working with SonoCine is a return to

that goal. Our team developed a close relationship with the SonoCine

team during their product development phase. Today, the market is well

positioned and much more appreciative and receptive to the benefits of

whole breast ultrasound through SonoCine's dynamic automation

technology. Our understanding of the inherent technology used in the

device enables us to better support, sell and distribute SonoCine,"

commented Jeff Collins, CEO of Medipattern. "AWBUS adds to our

existing product line and re-emphasizes our commitment to women's

health. B-CAD has been shown to help physicians better characterize

breast lesions and under clinical study, reduce the number of breast

biopsies while still correctly identifying the cancers.(3) Medipattern

will receive commission on a per procedure basis for AWBUS which will

commence immediately following the first installation. We are actively

working with a dedicated group to establish breast centers in all of

the metropolitan cities in Canada using SonoCine. Broadening our

women's health product offering will add to revenue growth as we

continue through calendar year 2012. In mid-April, the site in Quebec

City will broadcast live cases via satellite to The Breast Course 2012

in Lisbon, Portugal; where there will be more than 325 participants

from 42 countries. Dr. Duchesne is slated to speak about the benefits

of AWBUS at a poster session during the upcoming Canadian Association

of Radiologists (CAR) in April. Please visit to learn

more about this valuable service and hear what patients and doctors

are saying about the SonoCine System."

(1) Kevin M. Kelly, MD, Judy Dean, MD, W. Scott Comulada, Sung-Jae

Lee, "Breast cancer detection: radiologists' performance using

mammography with and without automated whole-breast ultrasound"


Eur Radiol (2010) 20: 2557-2564

(2) Halladay, Yankaskas, Bowling and Alexander, "Positive Predictive

Value of Mammography: Comparison of Interpretations of Screening and

Diagnostic Images by the Same Radiologist and by Different

Radiologists" AJR Am J Roentgenol


2010 Sep; 195(3):782-5

(3) O'Donoghue, "Characterization by computer-aided detection (CAD) of

breast lesions imaged using ultrasound"


Diagnostic Imaging Europe, August 2011

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About the SonoCine AWBU system and SonoCine, Inc:

The SonoCine system was invented and engineered specifically for

integration with standard ultrasound scanners to provide radiologists

with an effective, systematic and automated screening examination for

the early detection of mammographically occult breast cancers in

asymptomatic women.

The high cancer detection performance reported by clinical users of

SonoCine AWBU is the result of a number of important system

characteristics. These include separating the image data acquisition

from the radiologist's review, automating and computer-controlling the

screening of the entire breast and lower axillary lymph nodes, and

maximizing lesion visualization and detectability using the company's

proprietary dynamic review software. The risk-free procedure is fully

documented, quality-controlled and pain-free.

Unlike mammography, the SonoCine AWBU procedure requires no breast

compression or x-ray radiation, and unlike MRI and MBI/BSGI, it

requires neither a contrast agent, nor a radioactive tracer.

Based in Reno, NV, SonoCine, Inc., is a privately owned research,

development and manufacturing company with focus on early breast

cancer detection.

About the Medipattern Corporation:

Medipattern@ is a pioneer in the development of imaging software

solutions that help medical practitioners to better understand lesions

and critical anatomy. Medipattern uses its Cadenza technology to

process images, finding the salient region of interest and presenting

them in 2D and 3D formats that enhance the reader's perception. For

more information, please visit the Company's website:

Medipattern@ is a registered trademark of The Medipattern Corporation.

Cadenza is a trademark of the Medipattern Corporation. SonoCine@ is a

registered trademark of SonoCine, Inc.

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