Inc. -- a global, growth-stage medical device company pioneering

aesthetic and medical applications using its therapeutic ultrasound

platform technology -- today announced that it is now registered in

Mexico to market and distribute its patented medical device, the

Ulthera System.

In Mexico, the System -- which combines time-honored ultrasound

imaging with focused ultrasound therapy in a treatment known as

Ultherapy -- is "prescribed to produce stimulation in tissues to raise

the temperature in a localized manner for aesthetic, non-invasive

use."(1) The procedure encourages the natural formation of collagen

and elastin in the skin, giving it the ability to lift tissue. In

Mexico, the technology will be used specifically to lift tissue on the

face, neck, decollete, knees and arms.

"Clearance of the Ulthera System in Mexico -- and more than 35 other

countries -- is a testament to the value that markets around the world

place in our platform technology and its use for multiple non-invasive

applications," said Matthew Likens, president and CEO of Ulthera. "We

anticipate a high adoption rate of the System by Mexican medical

professionals due to the growing demand for safe and effective

non-surgical solutions to treat the aging skin."


a leading distributor of ophthalmology and dermatology devices in

Mexico, will be the exclusive distributor of the Ulthera System in

this important new market.

"The demand for the Ulthera System in Mexico is already high, so we

have been very eager to receive country clearance to sell it," said

Antonio Rodriguez, sales director for Arfamex. "We are honored to

distribute the System and to partner with such an innovative and

steadfast company pioneering ultrasound for non-invasive cosmetic


"Arfamex was the clear choice as a Mexican partner to maintain the

high customer service standard for which our brand is known in the

U.S. and other countries," said Likens. "Having an established and

respected Mexican partner on board will help Ulthera rapidly broaden

the reach of our technology."

The Ulthera System is cleared by the U.S. FDA for use in a

non-invasive treatment of the face to lift the eyebrow to achieve a

desired aesthetic effect.

1 - Verbiage taken directly from Mexico's Ministry of Health

registration document. Public Health Registration No.0328E2012 SSA;

Application No. 113300401E0574.

About UltheraUlthera@, Inc. is a global, growth-stage medical device

company pioneering aesthetic and medical applications using its

therapeutic ultrasound platform technology. The Ulthera@ System is the

first and only energy-based device to receive FDA clearance for a

non-invasive aesthetic lift indication. The first application for

Ultherapy@ -- the procedure enabled by the System -- is a non-invasive

treatment of the face to achieve a brow lift. Founded in 2004 and

based in Mesa, Ariz., Ulthera is a privately held company backed by

top tier venture capital firms, New Enterprise


and Apposite


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About ArfamexArfamex S.A de C.V. is a Mexican company, establish in

1989. Since 1993, the company has been a Mexican leader for the sales

of medical equipment in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and

ophthalmology. Arfamex is a private company located in Mexico City

with a national presence. For more information, visit

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