CerMed Corporation, a privately held company, announced today that it has recruited two key executives to help complete development and commercialization of the company's emerging line of cancer test and prevention products.  The new appointments are expected to accelerate launch of the company's cervical cancer/HPV screening test and its woman's-choice, combination contraceptive and HIV protection system.

"We have reached agreement with two experienced executives to bolster our management team," said Peter Gombrich, chairman and CEO.  "These individuals are poised to join the company at the completion of our pending round of funding, at which time we will be able to release names and specific backgrounds. They believe in our mission, have contributed to our recent growth, and continue to support the company while we complete our funding." The new executives will fill the roles of senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development, and vice president of molecular diagnostics. They will round out an already stellar management team that includes Gombrich; Drew Hofmann, COO; Dr. Paul Vichi, who will fill a new role as head of the CerMed technical advisory board; and Wendell Jones, who will continue to handle the company's financial matters.

The senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development will lead the introduction of the company's CerMapT cervical sample and mapping device.  The company has selected an experienced marketing strategist, an executive with a proven record of launching new technologies and medical applications for several well-known pharmaceutical and diagnostic device companies.  The launch is expected to accelerate due to a simplified design and reduced cost.

The product will be marketed in the United States through an OEM strategic alliance.  A distribution partner is already in place for key markets in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

The company's new vice president of molecular diagnostics is a Ph.D.

researcher with extensive experience in the development of point-of-care diagnostics targeted at primary care and low-resource settings.  This executive will also lead clinical and applications development in conjunction with the company's clinical development partners.

Development of the company's point-of-care platform, the first application for which is the cervical screening system, will continue under the direction of Paul Vichi, Ph.D., who has been with CerMed since 2008.  Dr. Vichi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from Diffraction Ltd., where he led the R&D efforts in nanotechnology.

The strengthened management team will also be working towards market introduction of the CerCapT product, a combined contraceptive and anti-HIV drug-delivery system.  Clinical trials of the device are scheduled to start in April in Zimbabwe.  Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing the world's highest rates of cervical cancer and HIV infection, and is expected to be a major market for the product.

About CerMed Corporation CerMed is an international medical device company with several breakthrough products addressing global women's health issues.  These lower-cost products will aid in reducing the risk of female reproductive diseases and bring women's health initiatives to under-served regions of the world, empowering women to take steps to reduce their risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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