Devicor@ Medical Products, Inc. (Devicor), announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. Under the agreement, Devicor, the parent company of Mammotome@, will have exclusive rights to market a new beta-glucan tissue marker developed by Carbon Medical Technologies. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The new marker will be used in breast biopsies to mark soft tissue at the diagnostic site. The unique design and proprietary material of the product allows for enhanced visibility in all imaging modalities.

"Doctors have told us that consistent and long-lasting visibility under ultrasound and other imaging modalities is important for the treatment of their patients. We believe this product provides that solution," says Tom Daulton, CEO of Devicor and Mammotome.

"We are pleased to partner with Devicor and believe that our work has resulted in a clinically important marker product," says Dean Klein, president and CEO of Carbon Medical Technologies.

Mammotome, the worldwide leader of biopsy site markers and vacuum-assisted biopsy devices, sells products in nearly 50 countries around the world. In addition to this new device, the Mammotome family of marker products, which is used in the diagnosis of breast disease, includes MammoMARKT, CorMARKT and MicroMARK@II.

"Devicor is making tremendous progress toward our goal of building a global medical device business. Our agreement with Carbon Medical Technologies is another example of how our company is investing in innovative products that help clinicians more effectively diagnose and treat patients," says Daulton.

About Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT) Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT) develops, manufactures and markets proprietary carbon-coated implantable medical devices. The biocompatibility of carbon makes it an ideal implant agent for numerous applications, including for soft tissue augmentation, tissue marking, and for vascular and neurological disorders. CMT's product pipeline includes devices in each of these areas, all of which serve large patient populations. CMT operates a fully functional ISO13485 certified and FDA-GMP approved manufacturing facility and is a privately held St. Paul, Minnesota based company founded in 1994.

About Devicor@ Medical Products, Inc. Devicor, the parent corporation of Mammotome, is a fast-growing global company dedicated to acquiring and growing healthcare companies. With an initial focus on the breast cancer market, the company is committed to building a global business through the investment in, and development of, tools and technologies that facilitate minimally invasive medical procedures. For more information, please visit

Mammotome, headquartered in Sharonville, Ohio, has more than 400 employees around the globe. The company is committed to advancing technology to help clinicians accurately diagnose breast disease, such as breast cancer, through minimally invasive procedures. Sold in more than 50 countries around the world, the Mammotome@ product portfolio includes the Mammotome@ Breast Biopsy System and tissue markers (MammoMARKT, MicroMARK@II, and CorMARKT) used in breast disease diagnostic sampling and management. Since its introduction in 1995, more than 3.6 million women have had a minimally invasive breast biopsy in stereotactic, ultrasound or MRI-guidance imaging using the Mammotome@ Biopsy System. For more information, please visit

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