Individuals who are struggling with missing teeth are often going to find themselves uncomfortable and unhappy during the countless social interactions every single day. Alternatively, when an individual is happy with their smile, they are going to be proud of their appearance and revitalize their confidence. This is why the most trusted Los Angeles dental implants dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, is now warning locals of startling links between smoking and dental implant failure that may lower their chances at restoring the appearance and function of their smile.

According to the Journal of Periodontology's abstract on the Tobacco as a Risk Factor for Survival of Dental Implants, those that smoke frequently are at a dramatically higher rate of having their dental implant surgery result in failure. Healthy, non-smokers enjoy a success rate as high as 98.6 percent for full osseointegration while smokers have a failure rate as high as 15.8 percent. This is a devastating set of facts for those that are looking to single or multiple dental implants in order to get their appearance back in order.

In order to offer his patients the highest chance at success with their cosmetic dental implants, Dr. Kevin Sands and his team of dental specialists have begun to work closely with every single patient in order to ensure the health of their gums and teeth before undergoing any major procedures.

The days of working with removable dental appliances has come and gone, and the leading Los Angeles dental implant dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, is now helping to restore the health of his patient's gums and the appearance and function of their smile with affordable dental implants.

About Dr. Kevin Sands Dr. Kevin Sands continues his dedication to the study of the most advanced restorative and cosmetic dental treatments in the world.

After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, he has worked with countless patients, offering them a new smile with procedures and services such as multiple and single dental implants.

Visit or call (310) 273-0111 for more information about dental implants. Dr. Sands' office is located at 414 N. Camden Dr. Suite 940 in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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