MedeFile International, Inc. (OTCQB: MDFI) (PINKSHEETS: MDFI), a

leader in Internet-enabled Personal Health Record (iPHR) management

solutions, and Promise Healthcare, Inc., a leading national long-term

acute care (LTAC) hospital company, today jointly announced that the

Companies have agreed to implement a 90-day pilot program to test and

confirm the ease of use, functionality and cost benefits derived from

adopting MedeFile's premium iPHR as an integral part of its employees'

benefits package.

Kevin Hauser, Chairman, President and CEO of MedeFile, stated, "For

the past year, MedeFile's market penetration strategy has largely

focused on pursuing large wholesale contracts with leading healthcare

institutions, insurance companies, large self-insured employer groups,

trade unions and affinity groups. Consequently, we are thrilled to

have won this opportunity with Promise, and view it as a major

milestone that is expected to pave the way for conducting similar

MedeFile programs with other major companies and organizations with

which we are in active discussions. For all intent and purposes, we

believe MedeFile has reached a very critical inflexion point in our

Company's evolution and we couldn't be more excited about our future

growth prospects."

The pilot with Promise will entail MedeFile enrolling each member of

Promise's corporate office staff on the MedeFile iPHR system. Upon

successful completion of the 90-day pilot program, we anticipate

Promise subsequently integrating MedeFile's premium iPHR into its

employee benefits package afforded to each of its approximate 2900

eligible employees. In addition, employees' family members will also

be entitled to enroll as MedeFile subscribers at a pre-negotiated

discounted rate.

Commenting on the decision to move forward with MedeFile, Peter

Baronoff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Promise Healthcare,

noted, "Promise has earned distinction as a national healthcare

organization that makes 'people' our highest priority. Because we

understand and appreciate the significant value of our employees and

the important roles they play in delivering superior care to our

patients, we strive every day to be an excellent, people-oriented,

healthcare employer. If the pilot proves as successful as we expect it

will, we look forward to making MedeFile the cornerstone of our

employee health management strategy."

Representing a highly innovative, yet hassle-free and easy-to-use

approach to portable, personal health records management, MedeFile

combines advanced digital technology and the Internet to make medical

data instantly accessible to each MedeFile member and his or her

authorized healthcare providers from anywhere in the world. Upon being

enrolled on the MedeFile system as a Premium subscriber, the MedeFile

team goes to work contacting all of the member's present and previous

care providers (including primary physicians, medical specialists and

even dentists) to collect, digitize, index and store all actual

medical and dental records and files, including actual EKGs, x-rays,

MRIs, physician notes, lab results, etc. In addition, each member may

also store copies of living wills, healthcare durable powers of

attorney, parental authorizations to treat a minor, organ donor forms

and other critical documents. MedeFile will automatically request

updates from each member's care providers on a quarterly basis without

formal prompting from the member. However, a member can choose to

update his or her MedeFile at any time with a single keystroke by

simply logging onto

and clicking on "Update Records." MedeFile does the rest.

Continuing, Baronoff added, "In the pilot, we will look to confirm

that MedeFile empowers our staff to be proactive in better managing

their own care and wellness by improving the quality, completeness,

depth and accessibility of their health information. Moreover,

considering the fact that we are a self-insured employer, we

anticipate that the pilot will help to prove that adoption of

MedeFile's iPHR will help to reduce or eliminate the need for

redundant or duplicate medical testing by our employees and will aid

them in avoiding unnecessary doctors' office visits. It is our

supposition that these two factors, alone, will result in substantial

cost savings in our Company's overall insurance spend each year with

system-wide employee adoption of MedeFile."

In an August 2011 article published in Government Health IT, an

official from storage and hardware provider EMC Corp confirmed that

through employee adoption of personal health records, the Company has

contained costs by about $200 million over the past ten years.

According to the EMC official, PHR use has resulted in measurable

improvements in its employees' health, higher productivity and reduced

costs. Moreover, employing PHR technologies, good data analytics,

lifestyle coaches, remote patient monitoring, and taking all of its

programs together in a holistic approach, has helped EMC to contain

costs and provide good business results, including increasing

shareholder value.

About Promise Healthcare, Inc.Founded in 2003 and recognized as one of

the largest LTAC hospitals in the U.S., Promise Healthcare owns and

operates 15 LTAC hospitals in Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana,

Mississippi, Texas and Utah. Through its state-of-the-art facilities,

Promise utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to healing and wellness

in providing treatment for patients with life's most serious illnesses

and injuries. Specifically, Promise offers treatment for multi-organ

failure, acute respiratory failure-vent dependent, surgical

complications, congestive heart failure, post traumatic injury

recovery, aspiration or bacterial pneumonia, pleural effusion, acute

respiratory distress syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,

and conditions requiring respiratory or contact isolation. The Company

also provides treatment for sepsis/septicemia, methicillin,

vancomycin-resistant enterococcus, immunosuppressed conditions,

osteomyelitis, decubitus ulcers, non-healing surgical wounds,

circulatory and vascular wounds and diabetic ulcers; as well as

pressure ulcers, necrotic conditions/wounds, post amputation wounds,

neuromuscular disorders, neurovascular disorders, clostridium

difficile infections, cellulitis, fistulas/abscesses, endocarditis,

bacteremia, acute renal failure and malnutrition. In addition, Promise

provides cardiopulmonary programs, inpatient behavioral health

programs and clinical services and programs. For more information,

please visit

About MedeFile International, Inc. Headquartered in South Florida,

MedeFile has developed and globally markets a proprietary,

patient-centric, iPHR (Internet-enabled Personal Health Record) system

for gathering, digitizing and organizing medical records so that

individuals can have a comprehensive record of all of their medical

visits. MedeFile's primary product is its web-based MedeFile solution,

a highly secure system for gathering, maintaining, accessing and

sharing personal medical records. Interoperable with most electronic

medical record management systems marketed to the healthcare industry,

the MedeFile solution is designed to gather all of its members' actual

medical records and create a single, comprehensive Electronic Health

Record (EHR) that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by

the member and the member's authorized users on any web-enabled device

(PC, cell phone, smartphone, e-reader) and portable MedeDrive unit.

For more information about MedeFile and its annual subscription-based

programs, please visit

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