BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLTI), the World's leading dental

laser manufacturer and distributor, today announced the introduction

of the EPIC 10?, the next generation of BIOLASE's Total Diode

Solution. The EPIC 10 is being demonstrated at CDA Presents: Anaheim

2012, the California Dental Association's annual tradeshow, being held

May 3-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, and several

other concurrent and upcoming dental industry events. EPIC 10 is not

yet available for sale in the U.S. as it is pending 510k clearance

from the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA").

This next generation, diode soft-tissue laser will have the shortest

pulse available in the market today. Short pulses are known to cause

less thermal damage in tissue and produce cleaner cuts. In addition,

the EPIC 10 will have a built-in battery for a full day of operation

and will be used as a design platform to build more powerful versions

with different combinations of laser wavelengths.


Federico Pignatelli, Chairman and CEO, said, "The EPIC 10 represents

yet another important innovation at BIOLASE and an evolution of diode

soft-tissue dental laser technology. The ability to combine 15 of the

most commonly performed soft-tissue procedures, including 20-minute

laser whitening and temporary oral pain relief, in one device is a

true innovation for our customers and their patients. The BIOLASE

engineering and marketing teams continue to lead the dental technology

community in advancing laser technology with a focus on providing new

tools to improve both the clinical results and the

return-on-investment of dental practices. The EPIC 10 is a great

example of such combined focus."

The EPIC 10 features a 940nm wavelength with 10 watts of real power as

well as an intuitive procedure-based graphical touchscreen. It also

uses BIOLASE's proprietary ComfortPulse? control technology that helps

to prevent potential tissue damage and keeps patients comfortable by

avoiding pain-inducing heat buildup at the surgical site.

Neither EPIC 10, nor any claims of efficacy attached to it, are yet

cleared by the FDA. There is no guarantee that the FDA will approve

the device, nor any timeframe upon which such approval may occur.

About BIOLASE Technology, Inc.BIOLASE Technology, Inc., the World's

leading Dental Laser Company, is a medical technology company that

develops, manufactures and markets dental lasers and also distributes

and markets dental imaging equipment, products that are focused on

technologies that advance the practice of dentistry and medicine. The

Company's laser products incorporate 285 patented and patent pending

technologies designed to provide clinically superior performance with

less pain and faster recovery times. Its imaging products provide

cutting-edge technology at competitive prices to deliver the best

results for dentists and patients. BIOLASE's principal products are

dental laser systems that perform a broad range of dental procedures,

including cosmetic and complex surgical applications, and a full line

of dental imaging equipment. BIOLASE has sold more than 19,000 lasers

among 16,000 customers. Other products under development address

ophthalmology and other medical and consumer markets.

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