Biomedical Structures


(BMS), a developer of biomedical textiles for medical devices and

other advanced clinical applications, today announced its advanced new

tapered medical textile solution for tendons, ligaments and other

orthopedic applications. BMS' advanced


capabilities provide a high-precision medical textile solution able to

match human anatomical construction of tendons and replicate


Complementing BMS' current tapering and bifurcation capabilities for

very fine fabrics, the new weaving techniques allow for the creation

of more lifelike structures that imitate natural tendon and ligament

performance better than ever before. BMS shapes bio-absorbable and

permanent fibers to resemble the human anatomy of tendons by

developing precise dimensions and load-bearing performance

characteristics within a functional shape that mirrors natural

geometries. For tendon/ligament repair applications that require

sutured tissue and subsequent re-growth of natural cells to replace

the damage, this textile engineering approach has the power to enable

a new class of implant solutions.

BMS' high-precision medical textile R&D and advanced new weaving

equipment for synthetic polymers, including fibers such as polyester,

UHMWPE, PLLA and more, are behind this capability, which enables

enhanced strength and flexibility of even the finest fibers for a new

level of combined durability and natural movement. For artificial

tendons and other orthopedic repair applications, this protection

against stretch and control of tempered movement is extremely

important to successful recovery and sustained performance over time.

Recent figures cite nearly 32 million repetitive and traumatic

tendon/ligament injuries reported annually, a figure expected to

increase as the population ages, and current synthetic replacements

available are limited.

"BMS' continual investment in cutting-edge equipment designed to

enhance our biomedical textile production capabilities has delivered

in a transformative way for device engineers looking to the

next-generation solution for orthopedic repair," said BMS CEO Dean

Tulumaris. "Medical device OEMs will now be able to create synthetic

tendon and ligament repair structures that match human anatomy more

closely than ever before. As we marry our expertise in tapering very

fine fibers for cardiovascular applications with deep experience in

orthopedic reconstruction and repair device support, we are excited to

bring this breakthrough capability to the market."

BMS will exhibit its artificial tendon technology and other medical

textile capabilities at Booth #1350 at MD&M


in Philadelphia from May 21-24. The company's full expertise includes

knitting, braiding, weaving, and non-woven technology utilizing a

broad array of biocompatible absorbable and non-absorbable materials

for devices, drug delivery and surgical systems in orthopedics,

cardiology, bariatrics, cosmetic surgery and veterinary medicine.

About Biomedical StructuresBiomedical Structures LLC specializes in

the advanced design, development and manufacturing of biomedical

textiles for device manufacturers in the orthopedic, cardiovascular,

general surgery, and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

markets. With specialized expertise in bio-polymer fabrication

techniques, Biomedical Structures is enabling innovative implantable

devices and other breakthrough medical applications. ISO 13485

registered, Biomedical Structures is a trusted outsourcing partner

providing a full line of services from concept design to full-scale

production, supply chain management, and post-manufacturing

sterilization and packaging. For more information, visit

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