/FROM PR NEWSWIRE DALLAS 888-776-3971/ [STK] [IN] HEA ITE MTC MLM [SU] PDT TO NEWS EDITORS: Klick Health Launches Suite of iPad Tools for Sales Reps - iCONNECTT TORONTO, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Today Klick Health revolutionizes pharmaceutical field sales with the launch of iCONNECTT, a full suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) iOS apps backed by a rock-solid cloud server. iCONNECTT is designed to meet the marketing, operations, and learning and training needs of all your sales reps. From shrinking sales forces to an increasing desire for digital content, this sophisticated and intuitive suite addresses all of the major concerns facing field sales forces. iCONNECTT is the largest product launch in Klick Health's 15 year history.

Check out this full suite of apps ( and make every rep as good as your best rep with iCONNECTT.

iCONNECTT is the latest iteration of Klick's Connect suite of marketing, training, and sales tools, which has been effectively serving the pharma community for the past five years. Connect has been implemented in hundreds of projects for the top twenty pharma companies across North America.

Offered in the full suite of iCONNECTT apps are the following tools: -- iCONNECT EnhanceT, a sophisticated, interactive visual aid that supports reps and enhances their ability to deliver valuable information incorporating both visuals and gestures.

-- iCONNECT RelateT, a complete CRM integration app that supports day-to-day tasks, customized company-specific tools and forms, and advanced pre-call planning.

-- iCONNECT AdvanceT, a continuous learning and training portal that advances your reps' success (as well as meeting all of the needs articulated in your RFP - see below).

-- iCONNECT GatherT, a friendly and streamlined meeting companion for POAs that provides full pre/during/post support to prepare/navigate/retain.

-- iCONNECT ReadT, a comfortable and regulatory compliant eReader that can handle everything from beautiful static content to rich media and interactive widgets.

-- iCONNECT ViewT, an on-demand slideshow tool for cost effective delivery of PowerPoint decks in a safe and secure fashion.

-- iCONNECT ReferT, a complete document library and management solution for providing reps with up-to-date reference material that can be easily added, removed, and updated from their iPads.

-- iCONNECT SendT, a fast and focused eForm system with signature capture that can be easily customized to support all manner of forms completed and submitted from reps' iPads.

These native iOS apps are backed by a highly secure and flexible cloud-based web administration portal, providing content management, business rule configuration, user and group-based access control, and integration with legacy CRM, LMS, and LDAP systems.

Klick Health's exciting launch of iCONNECTT introduces to pharmaceutical companies a full suite of iPad apps which has the flexibility and robustness to address all of your sales reps' needs while truly bringing out the best in your reps.

Make every rep as good as your best rep with iCONNECTT! About Klick Health: Klick Health is shaping the future of digital health! We're the world's largest independent digital health agency.  We're laser focused on health, with 15 years' experience in over 20 disease states, working with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostics, and managed care companies.

Sure, we've got the numbers you'd expect from the world's #1, and we keep really good company, but we're not your typical agency. We're independent, so we can really focus on our client's business objectives. And we're rooted in data, technology and healthcare. We've found a way to give our clients an edge, and our growth and client retention rate show that it's working.

Our practice areas cover the digital universe: from strategy through user experience, creative, social, mobile, media, analytics, instructional design, relationship marketing, app development, and web development.

We pride ourselves in creating one of the most unique and innovative workplaces in North America.  And, others agree. Klick Health is the sole recipient of the triple crown of the nation's most recognized awards: Best Employers, Best Managed, and Fastest Growing Technology Company in North America.

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