Landauer Medical Physics (LMP), a segment of Landauer, Inc. (NYSE:LDR) and the leading independent provider of medical physics solutions, announced a partnership with Gamma Basics, makers of grayCAD, the world's only software tool specially designed for medical radiation shielding analysis. This partnership will allow LMP to exclusively offer healthcare architects, hospitals and free-standing radiation oncology clients customized and optimized shielding designs that meet stringent regulatory standards and are more detailed than those currently provided in the market. Through this partnership, LMP will be the world's only medical physics practice group designing medical radiation shielding using grayCAD.

Using grayCAD, LMP's physicists will be able to calculate expected radiation dose rates at millions of locations around a linear accelerator vault with findings presented in a visual radiation heat map. Complementing this significant detail, LMP physicists will be able to generate user-friendly regulatory compliant shielding reports much more efficiently than the typical manually produced methods, allowing for shorter turnaround times on initial and subsequent designs.

"Landauer Medical Physics is excited to be able to offer our customers radiation shielding designs created with grayCAD, the best tool currently available. While other practice groups will still be performing shielding analysis with manual calculations performed for a few locations around a vault housing radiation generating equipment or sources, LMP's physicists will be evaluating expected dose rates at millions of locations around a clinic and presenting results with visual and dynamic heat maps. This ensures that LMP's customers will have the most thorough shielding designs available, completed in the shortest time possible. We're excited to have Gamma Basics as a partner in this initiative," commented Mike Kennedy, President of Landauer Medical Physics.

Mike Kijewski, CEO of Gamma Basics says, "It seemed like a natural, logical decision for both Gamma Basics and LMP to work together, as both parties strive to improve the safety of the medical professionals we service. We are happy to see our medical radiation shielding software in use by the leading medical physics consulting group. With grayCAD's technology and LMP's expert physicists, we're hoping to change the way radiation shielding is designed in radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging." Information about medical radiation shielding services offered by Landauer Medical Physics using grayCAD can be found at: About Landauer Landauer is a leading global provider of technical and analytical services to determine occupational and environmental radiation exposure and is the leading domestic provider of outsourced medical physics services.  For more than 50 years, the Company has provided complete radiation dosimetry services to hospitals, medical and dental offices, universities, national laboratories, nuclear facilities and other industries in which radiation poses a potential threat to employees.  Landauer's services include the manufacture of various types of radiation detection monitors, the distribution and collection of the monitors to and from customers, and the analysis and reporting of exposure findings.  The Company provides its dosimetry services to approximately 1.7 million individuals globally.  In addition, through its Global Physics Solutions subsidiary, the Company provides therapeutic and imaging physics services to the medical physics community. Through its IZI Medical Products subsidiary, the Company provides medical consumable accessories used in radiology, radiation therapy, and image guided surgery procedures.

About Gamma Basics Gamma Basics ( is dedicated to creating a safer environment for the radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, and nuclear medicine industries by offering innovative technical software to help professionals work safely and efficiently. The company was founded in 2009 by medical physicist Mike Kijewski and principals of Philadelphia-based software firm Mimeya Technology.

SOURCE Landauer, Inc.

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