ASHQELON, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 1, 2012-- Sialo Technology (TASE: SALO) announced several days ago the CE approval for marketing its unique dental implant, which the company refers to as DIVA or Dynamic Implant Valve Approach. This announcement is yet another milestone in the company's continual efforts to introduce an innovative dental implant that for the first time ever allows for non-invasive surgical procedures to be performed through its internal structure and one that provides significant benefits for both physician and patient in a way that none of the implants currently sold in the market provides.

Unlike other companies that try to introduce specialized and specific solutions for common surgical procedures, such as augmentation procedures, especially of the maxillary sinus (in cases of poor bone quality in the upper jaw which does not allow for efficient insertion of dental implants), Sialo have succeeded in developing a solution which allows the performance of such procedures in a simple and effective manner via the DIVA's internal canal. This was achieved without changing the basic external structure of the implant and without the need to alter the dentist's working methods.

Mr. Itzik Henig, Sialo's CEO, commented, "The DIVA is a major breakthrough in the area of dental implants since this is the first solution ever to allow the dentist to perform complex surgical procedures, such as a closed sinus elevation, via the implant in a minimal invasive manner simultaneously with the implant insertion. The principle that guided us was to develop a product that's basic structure could be embedded in any of the implants sold on the market today. In this way we can implement the benefits of the DIVA in implants from any of the leading companies while avoiding direct competition with them and at the same time take advantage of the marketing facilities of those companies who will choose to work with us." In addition, Sialo also reported the completion of a set of tests designed to confirm that the structure of the implant's sealing mechanism completely prevents penetration of various pollutants and bacteria from the oral cavity to the layer of the bone into which the implant is placed. The test results show complete sealing and therefore confirms Sialo's initial intention to use the implant for regular implantation even if there is no need for a preliminary stage of closed sinus elevation. The commercial significance of these findings is that it is possible to use the implant in the same way as any other regular implant which is sold today in the market. Hence, the DIVA can be used as a substitute for standard implants and it is not limited for use only in the upper jaw.

Professor Oded Nahlieli, founder and scientific advisor, stated that "beyond the simple insertion method of the implant and the ability to use it for augmentation procedures, the significant advantage of the implant is that it can be used for intraoperative or postoperative delivery of therapeutic agents due to the ability to reopen the DIVA's internal canal at any time after the completion of the procedure." Professor Nahlieli added that "according to recent studies it is clear today that the development of inflammation around the dental implant is fairly common. The ability to deliver therapeutic agents via the implant allows for a new way to treat such infections. The benefit to the patient is significant as there is no need for secondary surgical treatments, as is required today." Currently Sialo is examining alternatives for commercial collaborations which aim to bring the DIVA into global markets and allow for rapid adoption of the technology and medical benefits by practitioners around the world.

Augmentation and closed sinus elevation procedures can be performed via implant and simultaneously with its insertion. No need for special tools and accessories.

Simple and quick closed sinus elevation procedure prevents patient discomfort and reduces recovery time. No need to change dentist's regular working methods.

Implant can be used even when sinus elevation procedures are not required. The implant can be used in a standard fashion due to the complete sealing of its internal structure.

Intraoperative or postoperative delivery of therapeutic agents via implant for treatment of inflammation surrounding the implant without the need for secondary surgical treatments.

Full visualization of the bone tissue surrounding the implant can be achieved by using a dental endoscope (also developed by Sialo) as part of the medical procedure.

Design can be incorporated with most of the existing implants currently sold in the market. Leading implants manufacturers could offer the benefits provided by the DIVA without changing the external design of their implants.

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