Avery Biomedical Devices, manufacturer of the Avery Breathing

Pacemaker System, has named Dilys M. Gore, Ph.D. as its Chief Science


Dr. Gore is a Ph.D. qualified bioengineer with over 30 years of

experience with Avery Breathing Pacemakers and other medical devices.

As Chief Science Officer, Dr. Gore, in addition to her current

responsibilities as European Manager, will lead the company research

and development efforts.

Dr. Gore states, "I am thrilled to be able to further contribute to

the growth of ABD."

"We are honored to have Dr. Gore lead our efforts in future product

development," noted Linda Towler, CEO of Avery Biomedical Devices.

"Her scientific experience and expertise will be invaluable in our

continued efforts to best serve those who benefit from our products."

About Breathing Pacemakers

An Avery Breathing Pacemaker is a surgically implanted phrenic nerve,

or diaphragm, stimulator. It provides a far lower cost of care and a

much higher quality of life for ventilator dependent patients with

quadriplegia, central sleep apnea and diaphragm paralysis.

Avery Breathing Pacemakers are the only diaphragm pacing system to

have full premarket approval by the US FDA for adult and pediatric

use. By using implanted radiofrequency receivers and external

antennas, Avery Breathing Pacemakers do not have percutaneous

connectors which can result in chronic infections and ongoing wound

management issues for caregivers.

About ABD

Avery Biomedical Devices, Inc. is a privately-held company located on

Long Island, New York. It manufactures the Avery Breathing Pacemaker:

an implanted phrenic nerve stimulator which is used to free many

quadriplegic and central hypoventilation patients from mechanical


ABD is ISO-9001 certified, ISO-13485 compliant, and an FDA registered

manufacturer of Class III medical devices.

Should you know a patient with quadriplegia, central sleep apnea,

diaphragm paralysis or other condition that may benefit from an Avery

Breathing Pacemaker please contact us.

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