Verisante Technology, Inc.( (TSX


"Verisante"), a leader in cancer detection technology, announced today

that Thomas Braun, the Company's President & CEO, has been invited to

speak at the International Society of Radiographers & Radiological

Technologists (ISRRT) World Congress and the Canadian Association of

Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT's) Annual General Conference on

June 9, 2012 at 10:30 am.

"Technologists and other frontline health care workers may be the key

to alleviating long wait times and bottlenecks that stem from a

shortage of overworked specialist physicians," said Mr. Braun. "The

adoption of new technologies such as the Aura? for skin cancer

detection can save the health care system time and money while helping

patients with improved outcomes and reduced wait times."

Verisante Aura? is indicated for use for the evaluation of skin

lesions that may be clinically suspicious for melanoma, squamous cell

carcinoma and/or basal cell carcinoma when a medical professional

chooses to obtain additional information to rule out one of the above

conditions before making a final decision to biopsy. With Verisante

Aura? licensed to be used by any medical professional, medical

radiation technologists could operate the device and send the results

back to doctors, funneling only the most critical cases along to a

doctor for biopsy or for referral to a dermatologist. With membership

of approximately 12,000, CAMRT members work in over 1000 medical

imaging locations in hospitals and private imaging clinics across


Mr. Braun will present during the Canadian Innovation Showcase, a

session of the joint Congress and Conference that highlights Canadian

companies who are breaking new ground with revolutionary approaches to

diagnostic imaging and therapeutic treatment.

"We are excited to be hosting the Canadian Innovation Showcase, which

highlights Canadian ingenuity at the World Congress," said Chuck

Shields, CEO of CAMRT. "Verisante Aura? has the potential to be

game-changing technology that will no doubt catch the imagination of

both our Canadian and international delegates alike."

Verisante will also have an exhibit at the convention being held at

the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel from June 7-9, 2012 (Booth #526).

Aura? is a non-invasive optical system that uses Raman spectroscopy to

biochemically analyze the skin, providing immediate and accurate

results. The device will help to automate the current process of

diagnosis, allowing rapid scanning of the 20 to 40 skin lesions on

at-risk individuals, improving patient outcomes and comfort.

Early detection is key to saving the lives of melanoma patients and

saving healthcare costs. When melanoma is diagnosed and treated in the

earliest stages, the survival rate is 99 per cent and it costs about

$1,800 to treat it. In the late stages, the survival rate decreases to

15 per cent, while the cost to treat it increases to $170,000.

Aura? has been approved for sale in Canada, Europe and Australia.

About The CAMRT

Founded in 1942 by a coalition of provincial associations, the

Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) is

Canada's national professional association and certifying body for

medical radiation technologists and therapists across the country. As

the national professional association, the CAMRT is the national body

in a partnership with ten provincial associations who share a common

membership of approximately 12,000. CAMRT is the national organization

for the medical radiation technology profession and has the ability to

bring to the table all relevant stakeholders.

For more information on the CMART, please visit:

About Verisante Technology, Inc.

Verisante is a medical device company(

committed to commercializing innovative systems for the early

detection of cancer( The Verisante Aura?

for skin cancer detection( and

the Verisante Core? series for lung, colon and cervical cancer

detection( utilize a

proprietary cancer detection platform while the operating software and

probe technology are unique to each device. The cancer detection

platform was developed by the BC Cancer Agency and tested and refined

at the Skin Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. This exclusive

platform technology allows Verisante to develop and offer a range of

compact, non-invasive cancer detection devices that offer physicians

immediate results( for many of

the most common cancers. The Aura? has been approved for sale in

Canada, Europe and Australia. The Core? has not yet been approved for


Verisante Aura? was recently awarded Popular Science Magazine's "Best

of What's New

Award(" for

2011, and Verisante Core? was named one of the top 10 cancer


of 2011 by the Canadian Cancer Society. In addition, the Company was

named a finalist for the 2011 Regional Awards for New


by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and the National Research

Council of Canada and named as the year's top ranking Technology and

Life Sciences Company on the TSX Venture





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