Medical device giant Medtronic comes to the table with software security expert Jay Radcliffe to discuss software security vulnerabilities in medical technologies.

MassDevice On Call

MASSDEVICE ON CALL — Medical device giant and frequent research hacking target Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) joined software expert Jay Radcliffe at a panel discussion in Washington D.C. to discuss security devices.

Radcliffe made headlines last year when he hacked his own insulin pump live on stage at a software security conference in Las Vegas in efforts to highlight vulnerabilities in technologies that patients rely on.

Radcliffe and Medtronic chief privacy and security officer Michael McNeil were both on a panel at the Amphion Forum, computer-security conference.

"It's a very big shift," Radcliffe told Bloomberg. "If you would have asked me ten months ago if I'd be on stage with them at a security conference, shaking hands and saying we're working together to make medical devices safe, I would have laughed. I would have said that's an impossible thing."

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