Don Spector, a well-known, serial entrepreneur-inventor and Chairman of New York College of Health Professions and Innovation Fund, LLC, is emerging as corporate game-changer, developing medical and computer technologies that will become the cornerstone of new companies or will be licensed to expanding giants. His two latest groundbreaking patents include optic pathogenic recognition and DNA disruption. Spector believes that optic pathogenic recognition by super computers will change pathology labs and medicine forever. Instead of waiting for lab results, surgeons and doctors - even in remote locations - will be able to have feedback on pathogens and malignancies in real-time. His new technologies, in which LEDs disrupt the DNA of pathogens, may change the way contagion is contained both in ambient surroundings as well as on wounds.

"There are no super bacteria that can evade frequency disruption of DNA from light," stated Spector. "This technology is truly revolutionary in how we can potentially control deadly infectious diseases anywhere from Western hospitals to the most remote or impoverished parts of the world. Other key technologies that will have a huge impact on medicine involve the use of computers and 3D printers to print orthopedic inserts, emergency beverage systems and bandaging systems." While medical and computer technologies have become the bread and butter of Spector's companies, he has a diversified background of inventing and an ever-expanding portfolio of patents, much of which is being transferred under an intellectual policy to New York College of Health Professions, the College that Spector transformed to the premier institution of its kind in holistic health.

Spector has developed hundreds of products that have opened up billions of dollars in new industries and have made him one of the most prolific inventors in the world. Among the products he has developed are: the AMF Muscleworker; the first hyperbaric chamber for seeds; the Fireball with CBS Toys; the Aroma Disc System, for which the Squibb Corporation set up a new company; Vent Fresh, which is still a leading auto air freshener today; the Giorgio Sant' Angelo Line of Home Fragrances; WWF Wall Bangers for Jacks Pacific; the Barbie Jewelry Making Kit for Mattel; Balzac Balloon Balls that were licensed to Hasbro, Wham-O and several other companies; and Deco Discs, for which he also named and founded a recording company.

One of the largest areas for Spector is computers. He licensed his real-time 3D animation patent, has the earliest known patents for location based advertising - now  the cornerstone of Poynt's patent portfolio - and is now considering placing his new monetization patents for location based advertising and payment systems with either a small company within the computer industry or retaining it as protection for a large client in the software Internet business that can use it to both expand upon and possibly go up against his own earlier patents.

Risk taking has always been a part of Spector's life. Partnering with his cousin Sam Rubin, owner of John Henry, the richest horse in racing history, the two used the race horse's winnings to back a major technology, which turned out to be a big winner in the 1980's. Now the stakes are a lot higher. Whether Spector's patents are the building blocks for emerging companies or licensed to corporate giants, New York College of Health Professions and Innovation Fund, LLC will have an incredible impact on the future of technology.

About New York College of Health Professions Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, New York College of Health Professions, a not-for-profit institution located in Syosset, Long Island, with three additional sites in New York City, offers institutionally accredited undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs in Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Herbal Medicine, and Certificate programs in Holistic Nursing for Registered Nurses and The Science of Self Improvement. New York College maintains a 30-acre modern medical facility in Luo Yang, The People's Republic of China. The College has grown remarkably in the past several years and will continue to develop new educational programs as well as expand into many new areas. For more information about New York College of Health Professions visit

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