Stratos Product Development today announced its partnership with


to develop instrumentation for its unique Pathogen Capture System

(PCS) that can rapidly isolate multiple cell types, including

bacteria, directly from blood. nanoMR's PCS will provide substantially

faster pathogen identification, enabling the physician to begin

appropriate antibiotic therapy sooner and improve patient outcomes

while delivering a class-leading user experience for laboratory


"Stratos' development expertise, combined with nanoMR's chemistry and

research, creates an ideal team to deliver an optimal solution for the

market," Jim Macemon, VP of Product Development, nanoMR, said. "We

have been impressed with Stratos' depth of engineering expertise, and

their extensive portfolio in diagnostic instrument and medical device

development has been invaluable to our effort."

With proven benchtop results and research in place, nanoMR came to

Stratos with the challenge to develop a cost-effective cassette and

processing regimen with an input of up to a 10 milliliter blood sample

and output of 50 microliters containing purified DNA. Not only does

this require superior product development experience and skill, but

also an understanding of the complexities of the chemical and

biological processes involved and the challenges of high-volume

design, manufacturing and production of fluid-filled cartridges.

In addition to developing the instrument, Stratos is performing

product requirements definition, hardware and software design with ISO

13485 design controls, and manufacturing strategy and verification

activities with output supporting CE certification for clinical trials

in Europe. Read


Stratos will showcase its partnership with nanoMR at the AACC Clinical



at the Los Angeles Convention Center, July 17-19, 2012 in booth #322.

About Stratos Product Development At Stratos, we know a cohesive,

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About nanoMRFounded in 2007 by researchers from the University of New

Mexico, nanoMR is an early-stage life sciences company developing

novel diagnostic systems for the rapid isolation of rare cell types,

including bacterial and fungal pathogens, directly from blood and

other matrices. nanoMR's products use an immunomagnetic capture

process that can deliver either viable cells for phenotypic analysis,

or extracted DNA for molecular analysis by different DNA-based

platforms, including PCR, hybridization and DNA sequencing. The

company's first product addresses the blood culture market,

demonstrating identification of blood-borne infections in less than

two hours, compared with days required for conventional

blood-culture-based systems.

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