Welch Allyn, a leading global provider of frontline medical products and solutions, today announced it has donated 50 Spot Vital Signs® devices to the American Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) Connectional Health Commission’s program, “Manage BP with AMECHealth.” The program is designed to help raise awareness of hypertension and fight the disease in the African American community. The program uses as a wellness portal to create an online/offline strategy dedicated to providing culturally appropriate hypertension awareness, prevention, screening and lifestyle management tools and information. The initiative is also focused on improving health literacy and health outcomes.

“AMECHealth has a unique opportunity to combat the disparities in health and healthcare that have negatively impacted racial and ethnic minorities for many decades,” said David Allyn, director of corporate social responsibility at Welch Allyn. “We are pleased to help them in their mission to raise awareness about heart disease and hypertension. Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs is a fully automated, multiparameter device that allows clinicians to effectively spot check patients in ambulatory and acute care settings, and can be easily configured for efficient, safe and accurate operation by providers with varying levels of training and sophistication.”

The pilot portion of the program includes 10 churches in the New York City metro area who serve more than 20,000 congregants and is designed to be the front end of a large-scale program which will expand to include all 4,000 AME churches across the country.

“Health-related tools, information and resources that are not culturally-specific oftentimes are misinterpreted and misunderstood,” said Miriam Burnett, medical director at AMEC Connectional (Worldwide) Health Commission. “Our goal is to create an environment that engages, educates and activates our targeted communities about the positive effects of properly monitoring and preventing hypertension. We are honored to partner with Welch Allyn to help us make a difference in the lives of so many individuals in the African American community who to some degree are affected by hypertension.”

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About AMEC Connectional Health Commission The Connectional Health Commission serves, among other tasks, to help the denomination understand health as an integral part of the faith of the Christian Church, to make the denomination a healing faith community and to promote the health concerns of its members. One of the initiatives of the commission is the establishment of an interactive website that will allow not only health directors, but the AMEC membership at-large to access health information, complete reports and request assistance. Visit for more information.