The Galien Foundation announced today that it has selected the NovoTTFT-100A System as a finalist for the prestigious Prix Galien USA Award in Best Medical Technology. The Prix Galien Awards honor healthcare companies for outstanding efforts to improve the human condition through medical research and pharmacology.  The winners are selected by a preeminent scientific committee that includes several Nobel Laureates.

"The selection of the NovoTTF-100A System as a finalist for the Prix Galien USA Awards recognizes the tremendous scientific contributions of Novocure's founder and the inventor of the therapy, Yoram Palti, M.D., Ph.D., to the field of oncology," commented William F. Doyle, Novocure's Executive Chairman. "Dr. Palti's insights and leadership enabled the development of an entirely novel treatment modality for solid tumor cancers and we are pleased that the Galien Foundation has chosen to consider this innovative product for its annual award." The Galien Foundation will award the Prix Galien at its annual ceremony on October 16, 2012 in New York City.  Novocure is one of only two private companies with products announced as a finalist for the awards.

About the Galien Foundation and Prix Galien Awards The mission of the Galien Foundation is to serve as a vehicle for the open exchange of ideas that drive science and new innovations.  The Prix Galien Awards were created to honor medical research and pharmacology for outstanding efforts to improve the human condition though approval of innovative treatments and medicines. The winners are selected by a preeminent scientific and learned committee that included several Nobel Laureates. Past product award recipients include: Prevnar 13@ (Pfizer 2011), Stelara@ (Janssen 2011), Prolia@/XGEVA@ (Amgen 2011), Coartem@ (Novartis 2010), RotaTeq@ (Merck 2010), xTAG@ (Luminex 2010), Gleevec@ (Novartis 2009), Nplate@ (Amgen 2009), Promacta@ (GSK 2009), Cellsearch@ (Veridex 2009), Isentress@ (Merck 2009), Selzentry@ (Pfizer 2008), Soliris@ (Alexion 2008), Infuse@ (Wyeth 2008), Revlimid@ (Celgene 2008), Januvia@ (Merck 2007), Chantix@ (Pfizer 2007), Humira@ (Abbott 2007) and Gardasil@ (Merck 2007).

About the NovoTTFT-100A System NovoTTFT Therapy is delivered by the NovoTTF-100A SystemT, a portable, non-invasive medical device designed for continuous use throughout the day by the patient. The device has been shown in in vitro and in vivo studies to slow and reverse tumor growth by inhibiting mitosis, the process by which cells divide and replicate. The NovoTTF-100A device, which weighs about six pounds (three kilograms), creates a low intensity, alternating electric field within the tumor that exerts physical forces on electrically charged cellular components, preventing the normal mitotic process and causing cancer cell death prior to division. In patients with recurrent glioblastoma brain tumors, the device has been shown to provide patients with efficacy outcomes comparable to active chemotherapy with fewer side effects and a better quality of life.  The NovoTTF-100A has received marketing approval in the US and is a CE Marked device that is cleared for sale in the European Union and Switzerland.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the NovoTTF-100A System for use as a treatment for adult patients (22 years of age or older) with histologically-confirmed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), following histologically - or radiologically-confirmed recurrence in the supratentorial region of the brain after receiving chemotherapy.

The device is intended to be used as monotherapy, and is intended as an alternative to standard medical therapy for GBM after surgical and radiation options have been exhausted.

Patients should only use the NovoTTF-100A System under the supervision of a physician properly trained in use of the device. Full prescribing information is available at  or by calling toll free 1-855-281-9301.

About NovocureT NovocureT Limited is a private oncology company pioneering a novel therapy for solid tumors. Novocure's worldwide headquarters is located in Jersey. Novocure's US operations are based in New York, NY and Portsmouth, NH and the company's research center is located in Haifa, Israel. For additional information about the company, please visit

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