Orion Health, a leader in electronic health records (EHR) and healthcare integration solutions, has announced that its portal solution in Alberta has reached one-hundred million views. The Alberta Netcare EHR Portal provides up-to-date patient information to physicians, clinicians, pharmacists and other authorized health care providers immediately at the point of care, thereby supporting better care decisions and improving patient safety. This milestone is a testament to the success of Alberta's Netcare program, implemented in 2006.

"I've seen firsthand how valuable the Alberta Netcare EHR Portal is in multiple care settings including our clinic, the emergency department, hospital wards, extended care facilities, palliative care, and home visits where receiving aggregated information quickly at the point-of-care dramatically improves patient care decisions," says Dr. Allen Ausford, a practicing family physician and a clinical professor with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Alberta's Netcare EHR program is made up of several products that meet the regional needs and requirements of Alberta's health service providers. These products are linked together to make up the province-wide Alberta Netcare EHR Portal, which allows data to be accessed and transferred between health care providers in local systems and the provincial electronic health record. The seamless flow of information helps to eliminate treatment delays and improves the care experience for the province's 3.8 million citizens.

The Netcare Portal provides access to the full range of real-time patient health information in a highly secure system, including information on:

--  Personal demographic information that helps to uniquely, and securely,
    identify each patient
--  Prescribed dispensed drugs
--  Known allergies and intolerances
--  Immunizations
--  Laboratory test results
--  Diagnostic imaging reports
--  Other medical reports

The Alberta Netcare EHR program has been viewed as a tremendous success within Canada and internationally. Over the past several years, numerous countries including healthcare organizations from Singapore, Northern Ireland, Australia, Japan, and the U.S. have made a point of visiting the province in order to get a better understanding of how to implement a successful EHR.

"Technology continues to transform the way Canadian healthcare providers access and share information," said Gary Folker, Senior Vice President, Orion Health. "The province of Alberta is at the forefront of this pivotal moment in healthcare reform. Orion Health is proud to be a part of the successful execution of Alberta's Netcare EHR program project by bringing real-world capabilities to the province."

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