Wellness Center USA, Inc. (OTCQB: WCUI), a Schaumburg, IL based healthcare and nutraceutical company, today announced the creation of a group of neuropsychologists, physiologists and medical device engineers to design and develop a set of neurotherapy devices and related software applications ("apps"). These devices and apps are intended for use in both home and in-office settings to address brain-based behavioral health disorders without the use of drugs. Wellness Center USA, Inc.'s two wholly owned subsidiaries CNS-Wellness (CNS) and Psoria-Shield Inc. (PSI), will spearhead the joint development of the technology tool set. The first device to be developed is tentatively named the CNS-1000T, which will combine CNS's cognitive neuroscience therapy modalities with PSI's medical device development and manufacturing expertise.

(Logo: The joint development of the neurotherapy tool set (devices and apps) between CNS and PSI was inspired by CNS's success in treating brain related disorders and PSI's cutting edge technologies in the design, development and manufacturing of world class medical devices such as PSI's latest flagship product, Psoria-Light@. This joint development is made possible through Wellness Center USA's recent acquisitions of CNS and PSI.

CNS's innovative neuroscience therapy methods have been validated over years of study and hundreds of patient treatments. CNS's therapies range from reducing chronic pain, to affective (emotional) and stress-related problems such as anxiety, depression and related mood disorders, developmental disabilities and conditions, including autistic spectrum disorders, as well as dis-regulatory conditions such as AD/HD and epilepsy.

PSI, the device development and manufacturing arm of this endeavor, is a leader in medical device design, development and manufacturing.

PSI's team has developed over 40 FDA and CE mark cleared medical devices sold worldwide, ranging from electronics and mechanical design to custom software and regulatory support. PSI has on-site manufacturing facilities in Tampa FL, close to the CNS facility.

CNS's cognitive therapy technology represents a giant leap forward on the world's dependency on pharmaceutical therapies. CNS's methodology, allows patients to reduce or eliminate their dependency on pain, depression, and other medications. CNS's technology and know-how will be incorporated into the neurotherapy tool set of medical devices.

Patient access to such therapeutic modalities made available by the neurotherapy group can drastically reduce one of the largest cost centers in medicine today, pharmaceutical dependency and addiction to the "pill mill" phenomena.

The neurotherapy tool set of medical devices will be FDA and CE mark cleared for worldwide use. Devices will range from in-office platforms for affective and stress related problems to developmental disabilities to chronic pain management. Certain models will be targeted for use by medical providers and other models for home-use and fitness centers. They will carry all the proper regulatory marks and certifications, and will be manufactured under medical-grade quality management systems (QMS). The devices will be tested and used in the CNS clinic(s) and will migrate to the targeted markets.

Progress will be reported following development highlights, through public announcements and web-based press conferences. Prototype availability is anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2013.

"Expansion of our clinic is at the core of our business model.

However, development of the tool set of in-office and home-use devices, according to highest quality design and manufacturing standards, has been within the scope of our plans for several years.

Through Wellness Center USA, Inc., we now have the design and manufacturing expertise of Psoria-Shield to realize the potential device market sooner than anticipated. Our interventional modalities are proven, and in many cases result in permanent relief. Integration of these methods into a device tool set that allows further improvements in patient access will improve the quality of life for millions and reduce cost centers in our medical system" says William A. Lambos, Ph.D., chief cognitive neuroscientist of CNS and a licensed psychologist.

"We are extremely excited to begin the joint development on the new tool set of neurotherapy devices.  Not only do we embrace cutting edge technology, but our engineers have extensive experience in the technologies utilized for neurofeedback. The Psoria-Light@, PSI's flagship product, has shown proven results in clinical use treating psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, and other skin diseases. We are currently developing new handheld devices using PSI's technology and design, to expand treatment of additional dermatological conditions. The ability to harness our resources to expand our development into new products to treat chronic mental health conditions is what our acquisition with Wellness Center USA, Inc. is all about," says Scot Johnson, CEO of Psoria-Shield Inc.

About Wellness Center USA, Inc. Wellness Center USA, Inc. was created to address important healthcare and wellness needs; through break-through solutions, centered on the "well-being of the body and mind". Wellness Center USA, Inc.'s three business units are: AminoFactory (, is an online market place for modern nutrition of vitamins and supplements. Its products are amino acid based, sold to the general public and sports minded enthusiasts.

Current portfolio of products sold through consists of: Beta Alamine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Ajinomoto L-Leucine, Ajinomoto L-Glutamine, and Ajinomoto Instantized BCAA.

CNS-Wellness (, is a Tampa FL based cognitive science clinic business, specializing in the treatment of behavioral health disorders in at least three focus areas: a) stress related disorders including anxiety and panic attacks, depression, and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, b) developmental and learning disorders such as autistic spectrum issues and Asperser's syndrome, AD/HD, learning differences and birth trauma-related issues, and c) purely brain-based issues including epilepsy and seizure disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and related acquired brain syndromes.

Psoria-Shield Inc. (, is a Tampa FL based company specializing in design, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices to domestic and international markets.  PSI employs full-time engineering, production, sales staff, and manufactures within an ISO 13485 certified quality system.  PSI's flagship product, Psoria-Light@, is FDA-cleared and CE marked and delivers targeted UV phototherapy for the treatment of certain skin disorders.

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