PHILADELPHIA — Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. (h.c.), chief executive officer of the American Association for Cancer Research, will receive the Founders Award for Excellence in Cancer Research during a special recognition ceremony at the National Brain Tumor Society 2012 Summit in Boston, Mass., tonight.

Foti is receiving this award in recognition of her tireless efforts and thoughtful leadership to unite the research community in the fight against cancer and to accelerate the rate at which scientific discoveries are uncovered and transformed into medical realities that save lives.  

“I am deeply honored to receive this special recognition from such an outstanding organization as the National Brain Tumor Society,” said Foti. “I believe that there are no greater investments than those made in cancer research and biomedical science, and the AACR applauds the National Brain Tumor Society for its unstinting advocacy on behalf of discovery science, public policy and community awareness, and its overall commitment to a future without cancer.”

National Brain Tumor Society is honoring Foti at its 2012 Summit, “Transforming tomorrow, today,” at the Omni Parker House in Boston. This event includes a scientific symposium and annual meeting to celebrate accomplishments, share research updates, and recognize key individuals and organizations for their contributions to the field.

“National Brain Tumor Society is grateful for Dr. Foti’s insight and dedication in furthering the field of cancer research. We also share a common interest in the importance of systems biology, and see collaboration among organizations as critical to progress,” said N. Paul TonThat, executive director of National Brain Tumor Society. “Her clarion call to the cancer community to understand and utilize this era of convergence in cancer research is a profound demonstration of leadership, deserving of our highest award.”

National Brain Tumor Society is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the community of people facing a brain tumor diagnosis in the United States. The organization is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with brain cancer today and those who will be diagnosed in the future. This means aggressively driving strategic research and advocating for public policies that meet the critical needs of this community.

Foti’s profound demonstration of leadership to advance cancer research is an important way to increase the odds of identifying new discoveries and translating them into new therapies that would ultimately find a cure, according to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Among this honorable achievement, Foti has received many other accolades for her contributions to cancer research and advocacy. Most recently in June, she was recognized as a First Lady of the Intercultural Cancer Council and received the 2012 Biotech Humanitarian Award from the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Earlier this year, she was awarded Research!America’s 2012 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Award for Sustained National Leadership.

In 2010, Foti received the first Margaret Foti Award, which was established in cooperation with the University of Catania Ph.D. Oncology Program and the Italian League Against Cancer of Catania. In 2009, she received the first Margaret Kripke Legend Award from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the European CanCer Organization Lifetime Achievement Award and a citation from Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for her dedication to increasing awareness of the importance of cancer research, as well as for her pivotal role in designating May as National Cancer Research Month. Foti was also the first recipient of an AACR award created in her name in 2007. Her numerous other awards and recognitions for work in the United States and abroad include honorary memberships in the Japanese Cancer Association, the European Association for Cancer Research and the Hungarian Cancer Society, as well as three honorary doctorates in medicine and surgery.