M&A firm issues new paper on state of biologics

MedCap Advisors, the mergers & acquisition and strategic consulting firm specializing in medical technology, today issued a discussion paper focused on the market penetration of biologics. The paper, “Biologics Revolution: Breaking down barriers to entry for advanced biologic solutions,” captures MedCap CEO Christopher Velis’ insights from the field.

"While man-made materials will always have a place in the case of acute trauma, biologics have the potential to take over all degenerative conditions. They represent a safer, more cost-effective, and more advanced answer for patients and practitioners," writes Mr. Velis. "Biological materials that regenerate in the human body, as opposed to mimicking it, will lead humans to living better lives."

Mr. Velis sees increased business and merger activity in the biologics space, although he notes in the paper that challenges remain before the path to widespread adoption is clear:

  • The medical device industry is fighting against biologics for fear of losing market share
  • The FDA is struggling to overcome the influence of major medical device manufacturers
  • The traditional patent system must adapt to the nuances of biologics

 “Biologics represent one of the next great frontiers in improved medicine, and the activity we see in the marketplace demonstrates that interest is only growing,” said Velis. “Given the right partnerships, this technology will have a major impact on the care that physicians can provide to their patients.”

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