joimax@ as the recognized pioneer in endoscopic spine surgery has launched the transforaminal access to the spinal canal under the brand name TESSYS@ in 2004. Since then the company has consistently extended its product range and covers the complete array of therapies for spinal disorders with its systems today.

TESSYS@ and iLESSYS@ are applied especially for the treatment of disc herniations and stenosis utilizing the transforaminal or interlaminar access to the spinal canal, aiming for a long lasting decompression.

In the area of pain therapy the company offers the products of the Multiuse series for endoscopic rhizotomy and PeNuts@ for percutaneous nucleus therapy. The product range is completed by systems and products in the field of VBA management.

Consequently the next step in the evolution of the joimax@ product portfolio is the stabilization and restoration of the spinal column.

 With the joimax@ EndoLIF@ programme - the term stands for Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion - various cage technologies are brought into the intervertebral foramen step by step under endoscopic view. The cage is then being filled with autologous bone or a substitute material under endoscopic control also, the intervertebral disc space and hence the whole spine segment is raised and stabilized. This will be the world's first interbody fusion device which can be inserted under direct vision.

EndoSphere Spine's founding members Professors Vijay Goel, PhD and Anand Agarwal, MD at the University of Toledo are among the world leading researchers in the development of biomedical device for the spine. With the assistance of a team at the University of Toledo, they have developed the cage technology, in particular a novel ring cage that is being licensed to joimax@ on an exclusive worldwide basis.

Prof. Goel is enthusiastic with the idea to position the cage technology using the joimax@ minimally invasive access technique: "The combination of our know how with the joimax@ expertise leads us to a unique concept that will dramatically push endoscopic spinal surgery forward." His colleague Prof. Agarwal considers it even a "quantum leap forward".  "In the team at the University of Toledo and the co-founders of EndoSphere Spine, LLC (Profs Goel and Agarwal) we have found a brilliant partner to provide the spine surgeons with state-of-the-art implants for most atraumatic interventions", adds Wolfgang Ries, CEO and Founder of joimax@.

Both parties share the vision and mission of creating pioneering technologies in order to quickly bring back patients to their usual quality of life in the long run.

About joimax@ Company Profile The innovative medical technology company joimax@ dedicates itself to combined surgical technologies, particularly to minimally invasive spinal procedures ("joined minimal access technologies"). joimax@ focuses on development, manufacturing and marketing of the technology and methods for integrated endoscopic surgical access to the spinal column, with optimized visualization. The joimax@ fully integrated systems for minimally invasive visualization, tissue removal and documentation enable surgeons to conduct their operations independently in a cost effective manner. With the comprehensive education program CM3 which incorporates visitations, cadaver workshops and surgeries accompanied by experienced medical trainers and application specialists, the implementation of the procedure is supported right from the start. joimax@ considers itself a partner of operating physicians, living  the motto "helping to treat patients!".

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