Call for Submissions Pertaining to Immunology in Cancer Research Now Open

PHILADELPHIA — The American Association for Cancer Research has announced the launch of its newest peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Immunology Research, which will publish groundbreaking original articles on major advances in cancer immunology along with exciting feature articles.

Cancer Immunology Research is now receiving manuscripts for consideration for publication through the journal’s online site.  It will launch online at the 2013 AACR Annual Meeting and offer continuous online publication, followed by a monthly in print issue beginning in June 2013.

The journal will publish research articles reporting major advances in all areas of cancer immunology, including basic investigations in host–tumor interactions, developmental therapeutics in model systems, early translational studies in patients and clinical trials.

In addition to research and review articles, the journal will include special features such as “Masters of Immunology,” which will be primers by leading immunologists, and “Cancer Immunology at the Crossroads,” which will be perspectives that highlight the relationship between immunology and other areas of cancer research and allied disciplines.

“The AACR has long supported the information exchange regarding cancer immunology in various ways including special conferences, meeting sessions and published articles,” said Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. (h.c.), chief executive officer of the AACR. “We are committed to extending these efforts and to addressing the needs of cancer researchers through the launch of this new journal. Cancer Immunology Research is an outstanding addition to the AACR’s publications program. We are confident it will capture the most significant work in the field and inspire new thinking that will accelerate advancements in cancer biology and treatment.”

Glenn Dranoff, M.D., professor of medicine at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Mass., is the founding editor-in-chief of Cancer Immunology Research. He is also the Leader of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Program in Cancer Immunology. Dranoff has devoted much of his career and research efforts to understanding the mechanisms underlying the stimulation of tumor immunity and to applying these discoveries to the development of cancer vaccines.

Cancer Immunology Research will play a leading role in educating the greater cancer research community regarding the principles and opportunities in cancer immunology,” said Dranoff. “Recent clinical successes have validated the longstanding idea that therapeutic manipulation of the immune system may achieve meaningful antitumor effects.”

“My vision is that by disseminating new knowledge of cancer immunology, this journal will catalyze cross-disciplinary work that yields a deeper understanding of the host–tumor relationship, more potent cancer treatments and improved clinical outcomes,” he added.

Specific topics of interest for publication include endogenous antitumor immunity, tumor-promoting inflammation, cancer antigens, vaccines, antibodies, cellular therapy, cytokines, immune regulation, immune suppression, immunomodulatory effects of cancer treatment, emerging technologies and clinical investigations.

Cancer Immunology Research is the eighth peer-reviewed scientific journal to be added to the AACR’s prestigious publications portfolio. The AACR also publishes a magazine for cancer survivors, patients and their caregivers.

For instructions on how to submit a manuscript for publication in Cancer Immunology Research, please visit