ATLANTA, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Vystar® Corporation (OTCBB: VYST) ("Vystar" or the "Company"), exclusive creator of Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), a multi-patented, all-natural raw material that contains significantly reduced levels of non-rubber particles and proteins found in natural rubber latex, and owner of SleepHealth™, a unique provider of sleep health services to physicians in the southeastern U.S.,  announced today that the Company will present "The Non Enzymatic Deproteinization of Natural Rubber Latex (DPNRL) Enabling the Greater Versatility in End Product Applications," detailing the benefits of its Vytex NRL technology in end product applications at the prestigious India Rubber Expo & Tyre Show January 22 – 24th, 2013 at the Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC) in Mumbai, India.


Mr. William Doyle , President & CEO of Vystar Corporation, who co-authored the paper with his expert team including Matt Clark (Vystar), Mr. Gunalan Narayanan (Biotextra, Malaysia), Mr. Joseph John (KAPVL, India) and Dr. Ranjit. K. Matthan (KAPVL, India), will be presenting their findings at 10:45 – 11:05 a.m. local time on Wednesday, January 23rd. Dr. R. K. Matthan will be chairing a section on Developments in Specialty Rubbers and Its Products as part of the India Rubber Institute, Chennai.

Some highlights of the presentation will include an overview of the role non-rubber proteins play in natural rubber latex, the benefits of removing these components through Vytex's multi-patented proprietary process, and the resulting improvement in end-product that manufacturers and product makers can achieve utilizing Vytex NRL versus standard NRL. The presentation will showcase that gloves made with the patented Vytex technology are superior to gloves made with regular NRL, with the most noticeable feature being increased softness and low initial modulus, which is a key feature in surgical glove applications. Included in this, Vystar will present the promising results of its recent glove study suggesting that increasing the filler level in gloves made with Vytex versus gloves made with regular NRL allows manufacturers to not only achieve acceptable physical properties but also to reduce production costs. Moreover, Vystar will show reconfirming data that balloons, when made with Vytex, demonstrate longer helium and air retention compared to balloons made with standard NRL, and it will include recent data collected from an independent lab run by the Malaysian Rubber Board quantifying the level of improvement in color with Vytex balloons over others as a result of the Company's patented process of removing proteins and non-rubbers at the raw material stage. The Company estimates the current global NRL glove market at 1.1 billion and the global NRL market for balloons at roughly 50 million.

Over the years, through the phenomenal growth and success of IRE, the 7th edition has grown to become Asia's biggest upcoming event related to the rubber industry. IRE has broadened its approach to the entire rubber industry, including India's tyre sector which could impact Vystar in the near future. IRE 2013 will host an exclusive concurrent Tyre Show alongside the Rubber Expo. For the first time, the expo will witness a major participation from Small and Medium Enterprises, with a special zone dedicated to them. This will not only allow them to showcase their products but also provide them with better business opportunities as the show is extended to invite visitors from the rubber product consuming industry. The three day expo is expected to have over 25,000 visitors, roughly 550 participating companies from India and around the world, spread over an area of more than 25,000 square meters. Vystar will share space with KAPVL, its exclusive licensee in the SAARC region and PICA/Islatex, its licensee in South America and the producer of its foam products.

Mr. William Doyle , President & CEO of Vystar Corporation, commented, "We are honored to have been chosen to present for the second time at the renowned India Rubber Expo & Tyre Show. As our presentation will reflect, our recent studies have shown game-changing results suggesting Vytex NRL is not only a superior ingredient because of its low allergenicity but it also has the ability to reduce production costs and become an advanced, cost-effective replacement for standard NRL for glove manufacturers. Moreover, we've found that balloon manufacturers that utilize our product can benefit from an improvement in the coloring of their balloons, resulting in a superior, more competitive product. These represent just a few of the manufacturer benefits we've uncovered from using our product and removing these non-rubber proteins at the raw material stage that also include a lower nitrosamine content for condoms. We look forward to presenting our findings in greater detail at the Expo and sharing with the audience the product enhancing capabilities of Vytex NRL. Our paper and presentation slides will post concurrently on our web site."

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