The American scientific journal NEUROLOGY publishes the positive results of the PREMICE clinical study on the effectiveness and safety of the CEFALY® medical device in the prevention of migraine.

LIEGE, Belgium, February 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NEUROLOGY (official journal of the American Academy of Neurology, the number one among the most-cited journals worldwide in the field of neurology) is publishing the results of the multi-centre PREMICE clinical study (PREvention of MIgraine with CEfaly®).

The results show the effectiveness of Cefaly® in the reduction of migraines. By the third month of treatment, a statistically significant difference is observed in the percentage of responders in the Cefaly® group compared to the placebo group. The percentage of patients who states they were satisfied or very satisfied by the treatment with Cefaly® was almost 70%. The reduction in consumption of medications is particularly impressive, since it fell by 37% in the group treated with Cefaly®, whereas it remained virtually unchanged in the placebo group. In the group of responders to Cefaly®, the reduction in the consumption of medication was almost 75%. Moreover, the lack of side effects and contraindications means that Cefaly is an extremely safe therapeutic method, unlike classic drug-based methods. Offering comparable effectiveness but with complete safety, Cefaly® therefore boasts and excellent safety and effectiveness profile.

Previously, the sedative effect of Cefaly was demonstrated by another recent study, the results of which were published in the journal BMC Neurology:

Cefaly® is an innovative medical device protected by a number of patents. It is the first device to offer external cranial neurostimulation. Cranial neurostimulation is a technique that has been used for a number of years in neurology, but this has been carried out using implantable neurostimulators (similar to a pacemaker). The technological advances made by Cefaly means that there is now a simple, lightweight, economical and comfortable device available that offers migraine patients a means of treatment that is neither drug-based nor invasive.

Cefaly ® device has the medical CE-marked. It is available on the European market for 295 € and in Canada as well.

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