St. Louis - Spartech Corporation (NYSE: SEH), a leading producer of plastic sheet, compounds and packaging products, today announced that its Royalite® R59, R574 and R926 flame retardant specialty sheet products pass the ball pressure test for heat resistance.

The ball pressure test determines an insulating material's resistance to elevated temperatures while under stress. This is vital for materials used in medical device housing and casings such as MRI machines and CT scanners. The plastic is strong enough to resist high heat distortion during use, such as sagging, and eliminates any operating interference that may occur from using metal casings.

"Passing the ball pressure test allows us to better serve our customers in the medical equipment industry," said Eric Lattanner, Royalite Product Manager at Spartech. "This is truly a competitive advantage for Spartech and our customers because it ensures our products will consistently perform even under the most strenuous conditions, allowing doctors and other medical personnel to better aid their patients."hermoplastic alloy designed for applications which have the most stringent flame and smoke requirements. It is a thermoformed product solution available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

The following products pass the ball pressure test:

·         Royalite R59 - A flame rated PVC/ABS product ideal for various applications including medical equipment, electronic appliances, and mass transit.

·         Royalite R574 - A RoHS compliant, flame-rated ABS product that does not contain any PVC or PBDE.

·         Royalite R926 - A non-halogen, flame-rated PC/ABS product that is perfect for a wide variety of applications in the medical, electronics and transportation industries.

In the ball pressure test, a small steel ball is applied at a standard force to a specimen material at raised temperatures until the ball produces an indentation measuring at two millimeters in diameter. The temperature at which a two millimeter indentation occurs is the measured result of the test.

The ball pressure test is an International Electrotechnical Commission (EIC) Standard. The EIC is the leading global organization that publishes consensus-based International Standards and manages conformity assessment systems for electric and electronic products, systems and services. All Royalite specialty products that pass the ball test are UL listed in accordance with IEC 60695-10-2.

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