ATTLEBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 7, 2013--Brainin, a unit of Precision Engineered Products LLC (PEP) and a global manufacturer of precision metal stampings and assemblies, has launched the Alan M. Huffenus Research and Development Test Center, with broad capability to test the reliability of electrical components and assemblies under a variety of conditions.

Brainin’s extensive solution portfolio includes solid rivets, composite rivets, weld buttons, powder metal contacts, brazed contacts, contact tape, inlayed materials, and prototype capabilities.

The accelerated life testing, mechanical life testing, micro-structure analysis, material selection analysis, and failure analysis systems in the Test Center were developed in direct response to the needs of Brainin customers, according to Brainin president John Manzi.

“Since 1939, Brainin has served in a consultative role to our customers regarding the critical factors that affect component reliability and performance. The new Research and Development Test Center is a natural progression for us, representing a concentration and formalization of our expertise in these highly specialized areas,” he said.

Brainin electrical components and assemblies play an integral role in ensuring the products people rely on every day work as required. This extends to life-sustaining medical and surgical products as well as critical energy distribution and aerospace and defense applications.

“It’s imperative that our customers are able to precisely predict electrical conductivity and reliability outcomes across a range of circumstances. Brainin’s testing systems – whether through voltage drop tests within an assembly, assessing the durability of a more environmentally friendly material, or analyzing grain structure – help support a high level of confidence,” said Mr. Manzi.

In addition, Brainin’s up-front electrical contact research and development reduces customers’ iterative testing and costs.

The Alan M. Huffenus Research and Development Test Center is located at Brainin headquarters in Attleboro, Massachusetts and is named in recognition of the contributions of Precision Engineered Products president and CEO Alan Huffenus to the field of electrical engineering during his decades of service.

Brainin, a unit of Precision Engineered Products, is a world-leading manufacturer of electrical contacts, contact assemblies, precision metal stampings and machined metal parts with manufacturing locations in the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, and China.

(PEP) develops manufacturing solutions for complex product requirements by applying unique expertise in surgical and orthopedic devices, precision metal and plastic components, micro stampings, micro moldings, and surface finishing technologies. Brands include Boston Endo-Surgical Technologies (BE-ST), Brainin, General Metal Finishing, Lacey, microPEP, Polymet, and Wauconda. PEP is based in Attleboro, Massachusetts.