ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 4, 2013--Capital BlueCross and IPG, the leading nationwide provider of implantable Device Benefit Management™ (DBM) solutions, are pleased to announce an exclusive agreement to provide a comprehensive DBM program to participating facilities in Capital BlueCross’ provider network. Implantable devices include such permanent surgical items as pacemakers, joint replacements, and screws and plates for orthopedic procedures.

As the implantable device market continues to grow rapidly due to technological and surgical improvements that result in better outcomes for patients, Capital BlueCross is committed to providing low cost, high quality care solutions for its providers and customers in central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. It is estimated that consumers nationwide spent more than $50 billion on implantable devices in 2012.

Through this partnership, IPG will procure implantable devices to treat Capital BlueCross customers and handle the billing, replacement and tracking of the devices for participating providers in the company’s network. This allows the provider to avoid the out-of-pocket expenditure required to procure the implant and thus avoid the time-consuming process of negotiating with various device manufacturers. This savings is then passed along to the consumer in the form of lower costs for implantable devices.

“The cost and complexities involved in managing and maintaining implantable devices can be a major barrier to outpatient surgical facilities performing routine surgical procedures,” said Gary D. St. Hilaire, President & CEO for Capital BlueCross. “This new relationship will relieve participating facilities of the financial burden of securing the implant. The IPG solution creates a more cost effective and convenient solution for both the procedure and the implant, which ultimately benefits the consumer.” “As the implantable device market continues to grow, and health plans seek initiatives to address high markups, growing utilization and quality programs to deliver measurable cost reductions, IPG is committed to providing our partners with valuable solutions that address rising health care costs,” said Jay Ethridge, president & CEO for IPG. “We’re excited to partner with Capital BlueCross, to deliver solutions that provide critical transparency and implant intelligence. This allows for the implementation of cost, quality and utilization initiatives that influence adoption of best practices and improved standards of care to drive low cost, high quality of care solutions to them, their employer partners and their members.” Founded in 2004, IPG primarily focuses on large, fast-growth device intensive markets, such as cardiology, neurology, orthopedic and spine implants.

About IPG
As the Device Benefit Management (DBM) leader, IPG provides transparent end-to-end implant management and predictive analytical solutions, establishing the industry standard around cost, quality and safety to drive accessibility and affordability of care. The company has pioneered a unique DBM model which streamlines the management and delivery of implantable devices by working directly with health plans, clinical providers, facilities and medical device manufacturers. IPG delivers implant intelligence surrounding the overall cost and quality of healthcare being delivered, adding transparency and predictability of spend in tandem with the implementation of quality and safety metrics necessary to drive and reward best practices. Through collaborative partnerships that drive physician alignment, and employer and patient satisfaction, this approach ensures that patients receive increased access to affordable and innovative life-saving and life-enhancing device-intensive medical therapies. For more information about IPG, call us at 1-866-753-0046, or visit us on the web at

About Capital BlueCross
In 2013, Capital BlueCross is celebrating 75 years of serving central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley residents and businesses as the region’s leading health insurer. Through community partnerships and by collaborating with area health care providers, Capital BlueCross brings innovative services and clinical solutions to the marketplace, while expanding and diversifying its comprehensive product portfolio. Committed to delivering medical value to its communities, Capital BlueCross focuses on improving patient satisfaction, enhancing quality of care and reducing costs. The company continues to lead the change in the industry by meeting the evolving health needs of its customers, most recently by entering the retail market and building a first-of-its-kind health and wellness store in the Lehigh Valley called Capital Blue. Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., Capital BlueCross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, employing more than 1,800 people. More information about Capital BlueCross, its family of businesses, and its offerings for individuals and employers, can be found at