PESSAC, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 25, 2013--H.I.P. CONCEPT is a medical device for the prevention of hip fracture developed by HyPrevention. It is intended to prevent a contra-lateral fracture in patients at risk due to bone fragility linked to osteoporosis.

Hip fracture affects more than 2 million people worldwide every year. This number will reach more than 6 million in 2050, due to an aging and increasing population. At 1 year, 9% of patients will have a contra-lateral fracture, at 5 years this rises to 20%. After a second contralateral fracture, loss of autonomy is almost certain to prevent a return home. Mortality is multiplied by 2.

Prevention of hip fracture improves the quality of life of older people by allowing them to retain their autonomy. For "young" active seniors, who have brittle bone quality resulting in a first fracture, prevention allows an increased life expectancy.

Implementation of a contralateral H.I.P. CONCEPT is performed during the same anesthesia as practiced for the treatment of the original fracture. The duration of hospitalization remains unchanged. Contralateral H.I.P. CONCEPT requires no specific rehabilitation.

In the context of a clinical trial approved by the MSNA (National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products), two patients presenting with a hip fracture have already benefited from a contralateral H.I.P. CONCEPT. These patients were in good general condition justifying the implementation of preventive surgery. They also had subsequent risk of falling, which increased the fear for a second contralateral fracture. The duration of surgery was 35 minutes in both cases. Patients left the hospital after 5 days. They are doing well. They will be followed over a period of 5 years. New cases are expected in the context of this trial.

Use of H.I.P. CONCEPT is also being studied in oncology to consolidate and strengthen biomechanically tumor-induced lesions before fracture occurs.

About HyPrevention:
Founded in 2010 by Cécile Vienney (CEO) and 3 orthopedic surgeons, Hyprevention ( ) is a start-up located in Bordeaux-France that develops, manufactures and markets implantable medical devices.