LONGMONT, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 27, 2013--nSpire Health, Inc. and 4sigma GmbH today announced a broad partnership significantly enhancing 4sigma’s HEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES while expanding nSpire Health’s CLINICAL TRIAL SERVICES offering and reach in Germany and other key European markets.

Under the agreement, 4sigma will provide nSpire Health expert professional services while integrating nSpire Health’s key technologies into their health management services offerings.

The new partnership is expected to spark innovations in both respiratory clinical trials and home care markets by leveraging nSpire Health’s technologies and product development talents and 4sigma’s professional services and health care delivery expertise.

“The partnership with 4sigma adds clinical expertise to nSpire Health’s industry-leading spirometry and ePRO clinical trials services; enhancing protocol review-optimization, principal investigator site training as well as improving patient testing results and compliance for our pharmaceutical customers,” said John Sage, Senior Vice President, Business Development for nSpire Health.

According to Horst-Guenter Bohnenkamp, CEO at 4sigma, “Integrating nSpire Health’s proven home spirometry and ePRO technologies, such as PROLogic™ Tablet, PROLogic™ Home, PiKo™ and PiKoLogic™ will help us further reduce COPD, Asthma and other respiratory disease management costs, improve patient care by adding real-time feedback to patients, and ultimately advance clinical practice guidelines by delivering long-term analytics to our pharmaceutical company customers and health care providers.” “We are excited about our agreement with 4sigma. The partnership broadens our global footprint, adds local support to our customers in Germany, expands our services offerings and fully supports our vision of revolutionizing the way the world detects and treats respiratory disease,” said Michael Sims, President and CEO of nSpire Health.

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About nSpire Health
nSpire Health develops and manufactures respiratory care products and provides related services. The company is focused on cardiopulmonary diagnostics, respiratory clinical trial services, and disease management solutions designed to improve health care productivity while increasing the overall quality of patient care. nSpire Health is the exclusive provider of PiKo® home health monitors, PiKoLogic™ and PROLogic™ ePRO solutions, KoKo® spirometers, and HDpft™ systems, the most accurate and precise pulmonary function testing systems worldwide.

About 4sigma
4sigma GmbH is a leading provider of customized health care services. Since 1995 the company’s nurses, doctors and other health care professionals have been pioneering fundamental health care strategies in Germany. The company’s modular product portfolio including Medical Hotline, Tele-monitoring and Tele-care services delivers tailor made solutions assisting health care providers and pharmaceutical companies reduce costs and improve care while helping patients achieve individualized care management goals.