Vycor Medical, Inc. ("Vycor") (OTCBB: VYCO) announced today it has secured two new patents (2008-518369 and 11/993280) covering its Spinal ViewSite™ Cervical Access System (VCAS). The addition of these patents brings Vycor's total patent portfolio to 34 issued and 21 pending. The Company's Vycor Medical division now has 5 issued patents and 11 patents pending, and its NovaVision unit now has 29 issued patents and 10 patents pending.

Vycor's VCAS is designed to facilitate anterior cervical procedures of the spine, and deliver clinical and cost benefits to a sizeable global market. A surgeon would use the VCAS technology to access the anterior cervical surgical site (the uppermost vertebrae located in the neck). This type of surgery typically involves disk removal or replacement procedures located near very critical and delicate structures, such as the larynx, esophagus and carotid artery. Vycor's VBAS and VCAS have FDA 510(k) clearance in the U.S.

The two patents granted for VCAS were for the U.S. and Japan and cover an introducer and retractor system for use in spinal surgeries. Devices covered by the claims provide improved access and visualization into the surgical workspace, and allow the surgeon to selectively expand or contract the size of the work space formed by the retractor after the retractor is in place. There are a number of additional patents for VCAS still being pursued in various geographies.

Commercialization of VCAS is conditional upon successful prototype modifications and subsequent field-testing, which may require recertification (depending on the magnitude of design changes). Eventually, Vycor could expand its spine product portfolio to encompass a much wider range of procedures, conditional upon the success of the initial VCAS models.

"We continue to view development of patented and proprietary new products as being key to Vycor's product suite becoming the Standard of Care for neurosurgical retraction and patent protection. We are working hard on building a new product pipeline which will complement our existing VBAS product line," stated David Cantor, Vycor's President.

About Vycor Medical, Inc.
With corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, Vycor Medical, Inc. ("Vycor") is a publicly traded company (OTCBB: VYCO) dedicated to providing the medical community with innovative and superior surgical and therapeutic solutions and has a growing portfolio of FDA-approved medical solutions that are changing and improving lives every day. The Company operates two business units: Vycor Medical and NovaVision, both of which adopt a minimally or non-invasive approach. Both technologies have exceptional sales growth potential, address large potential markets, have the requisite regulatory approvals and are commercialized and generating revenue. The Company has a strong patent portfolio with 34 granted patents and a further 21 patents pending.

Vycor Medical's flagship, ViewSite™ Surgical Access Systems (VBAS) is a suite of clear cylindrical minimally invasive disposable devices that hold the potential for speedier, safer and more economical brain surgeries and a quicker patient discharge. VBAS is designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery and add tangible value to the professional medical community. Vycor Medical is ISO 13485:2003 compliant, has FDA 510(K) clearance for VBAS for brain and spine surgeries and regulatory approvals for brain surgeries in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Korea and Russia. For an overview of Vycor Medical's VBAS see

NovaVision develops and provides science-driven neurostimulation therapy and other medical technologies that help improve and partially restore sight in patients with neurological vision impairments. The company's proprietary Visual Restoration Therapy® (VRT) platform is clinically supported to improve lost vision resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury ("TBI"), or other acquired brain injuries. VRT is the only FDA 510K cleared medical device in the U.S. aimed at the restoration of vision for neurologically induced vision loss and can be prescribed by any ophthalmologist, optometrist, neurologist or physiatrist. VRT also has CE Marking for the EU. NovaVision also provides Neuro-Eye Therapy (NeET) in the EU, aimed at increasing visual sensitivity deep within the field defect. NovaVision also provides a fully portable and ADA-compliant Head Mounted Perimeter (HMP™) which aids in the detection and measurement of visual field deficits. For an overview of NovaVision see

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