PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17, 2013--Blue Belt Technologies, Inc., an innovative medical technology company commercializing robotic solutions for orthopedic surgery, announces an implant partnership with DJO Surgical, a DJO Global Company. Blue Belt’s NavioPFS orthopedic surgical system provides smart planning and robotic-controlled bone preparation tools to the orthopedic operating room for initial use in unicondylar knee replacement. The NavioPFS system is built with an open-implant architecture, allowing Blue Belt to partner with implant manufacturers to provide an array of options to surgeons for use with their patients.

“We are excited to partner with Blue Belt Technologies to bring the EPIK® Unicompartmental Knee System to the NavioPFS surgical system. Blue Belt’s precision robotics solution, combined with our innovative implant design, will further enable our surgeons to achieve accurate and repeatable results for their partial knee replacement patients,” said Bryan Monroe, Senior Vice President and General Manager of DJO Surgical.

“Blue Belt is committed to building an open implant-architecture solution for unicondylar knee replacement; we believe this is a clear benefit to provide to our customers. We are thrilled to be partnering with DJO early in our commercialization process and look forward to rolling out support for the EPIK Uni-system to our clinical sites,” said Eric B. Timko, President and CEO of Blue Belt Technologies.

The NavioPFS surgical system utilizes handheld robotic-controlled instrumentation to prepare bone for unicondylar knee replacement. Through advanced image-free navigation and smart planning software, NavioPFS guides the surgeon in optimally planning and placing an implant, balancing a patient’s knee kinematics and delivering consistent results.

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.
Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. is developing the next generation of “smart” surgical instruments for use initially in orthopedic procedures and then for other surgical specialties including neurosurgery, spinal and otolaryngology (“ENT”). The Company’s NavioPFS™ System incorporates patented technology to provide precise robotic control to surgeons via an intelligent, handheld, computer assisted bone cutting tool. The NavioPFS System provides the surgeon with a layer of safety and enhanced accuracy while performing bone shaping tasks through minimally invasive incisions.

About DJO Global
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