Qardio, a healthcare technology company, today unveils two revolutionary, cardiovascular monitoring devices. QardioCore and QardioArm are elegantly designed for effortless daily-wear, continuous monitoring by those with, or at risk of developing, cardiovascular conditions and sharing of data with physicians or loved ones.

  • QardioCore - Breakthrough core strap for daily wear, delivering user-friendly continuous monitoring of EKG (ECG, electrocardiogram), heart rate, physical activity and skin temperature monitoring. QardioCore's small and practical design provides a simple solution for users: It clips on underneath clothing in seconds, automatically turns itself on and connects to a smartphone.
  • QardioArm - A streamlined blood pressure monitor device with a revolutionary design and user experience. QardioArm makes it simple and convenient to have your blood pressure monitor with you for daily measurements. The QardioArm measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate.

A groundbreaking solution to understanding and controlling cardiovascular health through an effortless experience, Qardio intends to transform the way people monitor their hearts and blood pressure by capturing daily-life data that can be automatically and selectively shared with their physicians and their families. By replacing snapshot readings at scheduled appointments with a steady flow of vital information gathered during daily activities, Qardio provides a more personalized, convenient and cost-effective solution for monitoring cardiovascular conditions than traditional technologies.

"Instead of having to adapt your life to sensors and medical devices, you now have a medical tracking system that fits effortlessly into your life. We have created technologies and solutions that make healthcare personal, the way it should be, and we are very excited by the impact that this can have on the lives of many people," said Marco Peluso, CEO of Qardio.

QardioArm and QardioCore connect wirelessly to your iOS device and the Qardio secure, integrated digital platform. Data is uploaded automatically and enabled for sharing with doctors and loved ones.

It's accessible on Qardio's consumer iOS app and a doctor's dashboard, both of which automatically translate it into engaging and understandable charts for an in-depth picture of the wearer's cardiovascular health.

"We want to change healthcare with preventive solutions you effortlessly wear," said Rosario Iannella, co-founder of Qardio. "With a clearer understanding of how our bodies work on a daily basis, we empower ourselves to live smarter. With extended monitoring, physicians can leverage richer data to potentially make better and earlier assessments." Qardio envisages the products will be available later this year.

Qardio (kwardeo) is a healthcare technology company that creates smart and effective monitoring devices for people who care about their health. Qardio's solutions are based on patent-pending technologies and designs, and include products that are beautifully designed, effortless to use, and leverage the power of Big Data.

Qardio does not provide alerting services. Certain features may require separate services. You should not rely on the Qardio system as a substitute or a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Qardio devices should be only used in conjunction with professional medical advice. Qardio creates products and services that conform to US quality, safety and security requirements for medical products, while delivering a modern user experience. Qardio will begin selling in the US after receiving US Food and Drug Administration clearance.