Quintex is a versatile plating system for ACDF procedures that allows surgeons to customize the biomechanical construct performance at each level based on individual patient needs.

Aesculap Implant Systems announced today the availability of the new Quintex Anterior Cervical Plating System, today’s most versatile system for use in ACDF procedures at multiple levels from C2-T1. Quintex was designed to address all plating ideologies and offers construct options ranging from fully rigid to dynamic, including the new Semidynamic™ option, unique to Aesculap Implant Systems’. Quintex offers a low-profile plate design coupled with intuitive, soft-feel instrumentation and a zero-step screw locking mechanism for easy implantation.

Hybrid/Dynamic Plating Versatility
Quintex was designed to offer performance ranging from rigid to dynamic. The Quintex plating system includes two plating styles with four construct options. This level of plating precision allows surgeons to accurately control the level of stress shielding or load sharing that will benefit each patients’ unique needs.

  • Hybrid Plate Technology: available in constrained and semiconstrained constructs.
  • Dynamic Plate Technology: available in dynamic and Semidynamic™ constructs.

The unique Semidynamic™ construct is exclusive to Aesculap Implant Systems. This new plating construct offers controlled motion or resistive translation through the use of semiconstrained screws in a dynamic plate. The Semidynamic plating ideology may be applied across the entire construct or just to a single level.

The Quintex plates optimized slot-length and orientation is driven by clinical data1. The plate design also features a low <2.0mm profile, large graft window and is available in 1-level to 5-level configurations.

Tailored Translation
Each distinct Quintex implant combination offers unique performance characteristics. For both hybrid and constrained plating, surgeons can customize the amount of stabilization and/or translation needed at each level to accommodate patient-specific anatomical or clinical considerations. The Quintex plating system allows the surgeon to address instability at a specific level with a more rigid construct and to control the amount of settling during fusion. Todd J. Stewart, MD,  of Missouri Baptist Medical Center said, “The new Quintex plate covers the spectrum of anterior cervical plating from rigid fixation to dynamic settling in one system. It also provides a new controlled settling option not seen in previous plating systems.”

Comprehensive Plating Solution
Quintex takes the level of versatility one step further by providing a comprehensive range of plate and screw sizes that are color-coded to make intraoperative selection easy. The ergonomically designed, soft-feel instrumentation interface allows easy plating placement and screw insertion with “torx”-style drive and stab and grab self-retaining driver. The passive locking mechanism allows for tactile feel and visual cues that confirm the locking mechanism is engaged.