Montage Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a provider of search-driven radiology analytics and data mining tools, announces that more than 27 healthcare organizations have added Montage Search and AnalyticsTM to their Nuance PowerScribe 360|Reporting workflow. By tightly integrating these solutions, radiologists can have more data in their hands to optimize decision-making during the dictation process. Montage Search and Analytics can be launched from within PowerScribe 360|Reporting, providing radiologists clinical decision support through seamless access to historical reports.

This diverse group of new customers represents Academic and Community Hospitals, as well as private radiology practices, from more than 16 states across the U.S.

A sample of these sites include (in alphabetical order):

  • Asheville Radiology Associates (NC)
  • Avera Health (SD)
  • City of Hope (CA)
  • HCA/TriStar Health System (TN)
  • Highline Community Hospital (WA)
  • Lancaster General Hospital (PA)
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY)
  • Omaha Children's Hospital & Medical Center (NE)
  • Radiology Imaging Associates (CO)
  • Sutter Health (CA)
  • USA Children's and Women's Hospital (AL)
  • VISN 3: VA NY/NJ Veterans Healthcare Network

Since November 2011, when Montage Healthcare Solutions announced an enhanced relationship with Nuance Communications, Inc., PowerScribe 360|Reporting users have had the convenience of purchasing Montage Search and Analytics directly from their Nuance representative.

"Using PowerScribe 360|Reporting with Montage Search and Analytics, is helping us improve how we practice radiology", says William D. Boswell, MD, Professor and Chairman of Radiology at City of Hope Medical Center. "Immediate access to information is necessary to optimize care. With Montage Search and Analytics we are now able to generate our own reports in minutes, which helps me make more informed patient care decisions that improve quality and case-load distribution."

Montage Healthcare Solutions, approach to radiology analytics, incorporates the power and simplicity of today's search and natural language processing technologies to quickly identify and analyze valuable clinical and operational information in the radiologist report. Access to this previously untapped, unstructured information, can help improve report quality and patient care, reduce billing errors, and enhance referring physician satisfaction.

Decision makers can quickly identify actionable information, and eliminate delays from scouring clinical files, or waiting for customized reports. Research and academic organizations also appreciate how Montage Search and Analytics speeds identification of research populations, and eliminates the need to manage dedicated teaching files.

"In the face of increasing legislative challenges, the radiology community must adopt tools that enable management of their practices clinical quality and productivity improvements. Healthcare payers' increasing focus on clinical quality, and efforts by radiology to be more consultative, are common goals that are driving adoption of our integrated solution", says William Boonn, MD, President, Montage Healthcare Solutions. Adding, "As radiologists get comfortable acknowledging the benefits of clinical decision support, and access to historical clinical information, integrating findings from other clinical domains will further enhance the value Radiology can offer the enterprise."