Patients wear adhesive sensor that instantly texts contacts if changes are detected

SecuraTrac, a dynamic provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on protecting children, seniors and employees, has developed a new technology based on its award-winning mobile app, SecuraFone.  Developed in conjunction with Vital Connect, which is poised to become the leader in next generation biosensor and secure cloud technologies, SecuraFone Health can alert doctors, caregivers and family in real-time when an unexpected health event occurs.

SecuraFone Health will benefit consumers, patients, doctors and caregivers by detecting falls, caregiver-defined heart rate changes, and respiration rate changes as well as other key vitals. When an unexpected change is detected, the app will send a real-time alert including information about the user’s location and other key details to designated contacts.

SecuraFone Health employs a sensor worn by the user on his or her chest or back to monitor vitals 24-hours a day. Patches are water resistant, can be worn in the shower, and are worn for 2 - 3 days before needing to be replaced. They have up to a 50-foot communication radius for sending notifications to the user’s smartphone.

SecuraFone Health Capabilities

  • Fall Dectection – Fall Detection is a function of multiple combined measurements, including: height, force, body position and activity monitoring. A fall is detected and a notification is sent when the wearer of the SecuraPatch changes body position to a lying down position, the force with which the body arrives at the lying down position exceeds the specified threshold, and a period of “no” movement exceeding five seconds subsequent to the suspected fall occurs. At this point the caregiver network is notified of a suspected fall.
  • Heart Rate – Heart Rate is measure using two electrodes on the SecuraPatch that detect the electrical activity of the heart and then calculate the beats per minute. There are two thresholds that can be set, high and low, that will notify the wearer of SecuraPatch as well as the caregiver network when these thresholds are crossed.
  • Respiration Rate – Respiration Rate is measured using multiple sensors on SecuraPatch that detect the breaths and then calculate the breaths per minute. There are two thresholds that can be set, high and low, that will notify the wearer of SecuraPatch as well as their caregiver network when the respiration rate thresholds are crossed.
  • Skin Temperature – Skin Temperature is measured via a thermistor sensor on SecuraPatch and can be used to monitor the wearer’s skin temperature and changes in skin temperature. Notifications can be set to trigger when temperature exceeds or falls below caregiver-defined thresholds.
  • Body Position – Body Position is determined from a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer onboard SecuraPatch that can detect lying down, upright (sitting or standing), walking or running as well as the change from one position to another and the duration spent in any one position. Notifications can be triggered based on the changes, types of positions (falls), the duration spent in any one position and in combination with the other vitals being monitored.
  • Activity Monitoring – The Activity Monitor captures the number of steps and the average steps per minute. The wearer and caregiver network can view and receive notifications based on activity goals attained, lack of activity, and pace of activity (average steps per minute) over a period of time.

“We are excited about the potential of the SecuraFone Health app. We believe it will revolutionize the mobile health marketplace,” said SecuraTrac CEO Chris Holbert. “Doctors, caregivers and family members will now not only be able to monitor and receive alerts related to the whereabouts of their patients, children or aging parents, but also will receive alerts related to that person’s vitals in real-time. The monthly service is tied to a 24/7 emergency response center with trained healthcare staff, and so we expect that our mobile health and safety innovation will greatly reduce response times for those in need of emergency assistance as well as improve the overall care received by the user.”

“Vital Connect is pleased to announce its collaboration with Securatrac on the ground-breaking SecuraFone Health solution,” said Bill Brennan, Executive Vice President of Vital Connect.  “As an integral element of the SecuraFone Health solution, our intelligent wireless biosensor will provide users an unprecedented sense of security while providing doctors, caregivers, and loved ones with increased peace of mind.”

The SecuraFone Health app is scheduled for release later this year. For more information visit