Cochlear Limited, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announced today the commercial availability of the Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor in the United States.

Nucleus 6, the next generation cochlear implant sound processor for Cochlear, is built on a completely new microchip platform with five times the processing power of the market-leading Nucleus 5 System. It features synchronized microphones, advanced SmartSound® technology, the industry's first data logging capability, and with a future software upgrade*, it will provide access to wireless technology without the need for wires or additional neck-worn accessories. 

"The US launch of the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor underscores our commitment to providing recipients with the opportunity to hear their best throughout their lifetime," said Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas. "With Nucleus 6, recipients will not only have access to the most powerful sound processor available, but the most reliable implant on the market today. Over the last 30 years, we have delivered the best in hearing technology and we will continue to do so as we introduce future upgrades to the system."

With the introduction of Nucleus 6, recipients will benefit from a wide range of new design features that are easy to use and designed to fit each person's lifestyle. Two sound processor options will be available – one with direct audio input and one without – in addition to enhanced tactical controls, an improved coil profile, auto-on, wireless auto-FM and new LED indicators. Two wireless remote control options will also be available that can be paired to the same sound processor – one for those who prefer advanced monitoring and the other for those who would rather carry a small, discrete version with simple one-touch buttons.

In addition to exciting new design features, the powerful new microchip included within the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor allows for the industry's only comprehensive data logging capability. Data logging provides audiologists with key information about how the sound processor is being used every day. It fills in all the gaps, so audiologists can get a more complete picture of a patient's hearing experiences and can then make the necessary adjustments so they can hear their best. This is especially important for parents so they can feel confident that their child is receiving optimal hearing performance even when they are at school or daycare.

Cochlear will continue its history of breakthroughs in innovation with future upgrades to the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor. The new chip is designed for the next generation SmartSound processing, which leverages new algorithms that focus on speech and reduce background noise, as well as third generation wireless accessories that do not require any neck worn loops.

Nucleus 6 was built on the same principles that have allowed Cochlear to remain the company of choice for implantable hearing solutions for over 30 years. In addition to the latest in sound processor technology, each new Nucleus 6 recipient will also be receiving the most reliable implant in the industry. In fact, it is up to three times more reliable than any other implant available today.1-3

The Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is currently compatible with all Nucleus CI24RE, Nucleus CI422 and Nucleus CI500 Implants. Cochlear is working to ensure that recipients with previous generation implants will soon be able to access this new technology.