Comprehensive Program Consisting of Products, Procedural Support, Education and Clinical Research Introduced at North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting

DePuy Synthes Spine* announced the global launch of "mPACT" (medialized Posterior Approach Cortical Trajectory), a program that combines implants, education, clinical research and procedural support for posterior mini open fixation and fusion procedures.

The announcement was made here at the North American Spine Society (NASS) 28th annual meeting, where DePuy Synthes Spine is also featuring new procedural solutions for vertebral body augmentation and image-guided spine surgery.

"Posterior mini open fixation and fusion procedures may offer advantages over open procedures based on surgeon preference, spinal pathology and individual patient anatomy," said Max Reinhardt, Worldwide President, DePuy Synthes Spine. "The mPACT Program is designed to provide surgeons and health care providers with materials to bring the benefits of this less invasive option to patients, from products and education, to technical and clinical procedural support."

The medialized posterior approach, with cortical screw trajectory, is a less invasive method of achieving posterior fixation and fusion while limiting exposure to the lateral margin of the articular processes. The procedure is supported by DePuy Synthes Spine enabling technologies including the T-PALTM Spacer System, INSIGHT® Retractor System and VIPER® Cortical Fix Screw System.

With the use of this smaller incision, the potential advantages of posterior mini open fixation and fusion procedures over traditional open techniques include less muscle disruption and blood loss and may also include quicker patient recovery and mobility.

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