Wearable technology cuts costs, improves access to and quality of healthcare services

Rising costs, limited access to quality care and a growing aging population have combined to create a worldwide healthcare crisis. Vital Connect, an industry pioneer of wearable biosensor technology for use in medical applications, is positioned to alter the current definition of healthcare from research to delivery with the introduction of its first biosensor product, the HealthPatch. The HealthPatch is the first solution of its kind capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest.

Encapsulated within the HealthPatch are cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies which combined with Vital Connect’s proprietary algorithms, enable the device to provide clinical-grade measurements of eight core health metrics: single lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, posture, steps and fall detection/severity. Additionally, the HealthPatch can provide intelligent health measurements. Processing 30,000 data points per minute, Vital Connect’s sophisticated SensorFusion algorithms analyze multiple biometrics to generate measurements that are more meaningful and accurate than any individual biometric alone. These measurements can include stress, energy expenditure (caloric burn), sleep quality, and contextual heart rate, among other health predictors.

“The biosensor technology we have integrated into the HealthPatch is laying the foundation for the future of worldwide healthcare,” said Dr. Nersi Nazari, Chairman and CEO of Vital Connect. “Through the applications we are developing with our partners we are driving into reality the day when a doctor can predict a patient is likely to be admitted to a hospital in four months and begin preventative treatment. Or, the day when doctors will be able to remotely monitor patients receiving treatment for chronic diseases or cancer for the slightest sign of infection, relapse or complication. My vision is that every time a patient sets foot in a doctor’s office or hospital, he or she receives a HealthPatch to immediately begin monitoring and treatment of his or her health.”

The HealthPatch is designed to meet the needs of three broad healthcare categories, remote monitoring, clinical, and health and wellness. For the aging population, HealthPatchTM can be utilized to improve safety and quality of life for seniors who choose to “age in place”, to monitor patients with dementia or to assist with chronic disease management. This biosensor technology will soon be available for use in clinical settings where the HealthPatch can be used by emergency responders, hospitals and doctor’s offices to improve the quality of patient care, reduce the number of readmissions, and facilitate telehealth capabilities. Additionally, individual consumers can use HealthPatch for personal health management, fitness tracking, stress feedback, and numerous other applications.

Vital Connect partners with healthcare solution providers to develop technologies utilizing its biosensor platform that revolutionize the way health is measured and tracked, and that transform the landscape of treatment delivery. The HealthPatch is the most comprehensive biosensor solution that provides clinical-grade, 24-hour, real-time tracking of vital signs with additional measurements calculated through SensorFusion. It is less obtrusive than other sensors, can be customized for type and frequency of data collection, operates on Bluetooth LE and provides HIPPA-compliant cloud-based storage. HealthPatch has received regulatory approval (CE Mark) for distribution in EU and is under FDA review for sale in the US.

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