Palo Medical, LLC, a Covington, La.-based company specializing in health product innovation, has announced a new product, the aPallo Wrist brace system, the most effective non-invasive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The aPallo Wrist brace system was invented by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Palo, who previously suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.  Once diagnosed, Dr. Palo noticed there were no products that treated the condition in a way that clinical studies have proven to be the most effective.

The aPallo Wrist brace system utilizes the latest clinical research to provide the most effective non-invasive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.  The studies have proven:

1) The ideal position for resting the carpal tunnel is the neutral position

2) The more hours in a day the brace is worn the better the response. 

The aPallo Wrist brace system consists of two braces, a brace for rest-the aPallo night brace and a brace for action-the aPallo day brace.

For nighttime use, the polyurethane leather night brace provides cool comfort while keeping the wrist perfectly neutral.  In addition, by holding the fingers in the straightened position, the brace improves relaxation of the carpal tunnel.  This position keeps the small muscles of the hand, the lumbricals, away from the median nerve -  the nerve that is pressured and causes the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The patented palm-free design of the day brace still maintains the wrist in the ideal neutral position but allows unencumbered use of the fingers as needed for daily activities.  In addition, the cinch straptm allows rapid adjustment for wrist movement as needed for action without removing the brace.  The included ice pack provides optional cold therapy directly over the carpal tunnel.

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