NuVasive, Inc., a medical device company focused on developing minimally disruptive surgical products and procedures for the spine, is excited to announce the domestic launch of the XLIF Decade™ Plate.

The XLIF Decade Plate is the Company's latest advancement in providing surgeon customers with an option for a single-approach XLIF® and fixation.

The prevailing strategy in designing the XLIF Decade Plate was to incorporate the Company's ten years of XLIF experience into a fixation system built upon the latest technologies while offering uncompromised biomechanical characteristics. The plate will be exhibited at the upcoming North American Spine Society (NASS) conference in October.

"In combination with the CoRoent® XL-XW 26mm wide interbody implant, the XLIF Decade Plate was designed to provide enhanced stabilization following XLIF surgery," said William Smith, M.D. "In many patients, the new plate design may enable me to eliminate the need for posterior surgery, and may offer a comparable biomechanical construct. This option could significantly reduce the O.R. time required for surgery for some patients and may allow my patients the benefit of a more rapid return to their normal activities."

The plate is a simple, yet comprehensive stabilization solution which was designed with four points of fixation for enhanced rigidity and load sharing properties. Through a reduction in operative steps and improved plate geometry, the product was designed to help facilitate a faster XLIF surgical technique.

"The XLIF Decade Plate delivers on our mission to improve patient outcomes with innovation," said Alex Lukianov, NuVasive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "NuVasive is the market share leader within the lateral fusion market, and our drive to consistently improve our procedurally integrated approach will enable us to maintain that foothold."

The plate is contoured specifically for the MaXcess IV retractor and CoRoent XL family of implants, which results in a seamless technique. Additionally, the product represents the pinnacle in single-approach lateral spinal stabilization and fusion with minimized exposure.